Why should you choose roof replacement over roof repair?

Well, if you have suddenly faced a storm or you notice that the rainy season or snow is about to occur, and there is a possibility of leakage or water damage, then it is essential to take steps beforehand. Much damage can be prevented by going for a roof replacement, but unfortunately, not all homeowners choose this method until a real disaster strikes.

When should you get a new roof?

The best time to get a new roof is before the problem surfaces. If your roof is more than 20 years old and you notice signs of depreciation, it is time to get a new one. For instance, take the example of a tire. When planning to get new car tires, you don’t wait till they blow out completely. You don’t do that! You likely check and replace them when you notice they’re possibly too worn out to go ahead before the tires blow out. The same theory applies to roof replacement.

Find out if there is any leakage

Water can get into any edge or opening from places you cannot imagine. Some culprit places are the chimney, skylight, satellite dish fastener, and any specific crevice, hole, and fissure. Attic fans found on the roof, vents, and pipes can also be a source of leakage. And, if the roof around them is not installed correctly or damaged, they can be the primary areas for leaks. Hence, the first step is to contact an Armadura Edmonton contractor to inspect your roof.

Should you repair or replace your roof?

A standard roof repair can be the perfect solution if you notice minimal damage and your roof looks in good shape. However, in some conditions, you cannot repair the roof, and replacing the roof is your only option:

Age of the roof: In Alberta, a roof efficiently installed with high-quality material can last up to 20 years. If your roof has reached that age, it should be replaced. However, if it is a metal roof, its age is higher.

Do you notice any wear and tear or damage: if you notice signs of damage, rotting, curling, or depreciation, you should replace your roof.

Is the damaged flashing visible around the vent or chimney: Your roofing inspection team will tell you if you need to repair the roof or if it needs replacement? Sometimes the roof may not be that old but requires replacement because of faulty installation or poor quality materials. If your roof looks like it needs replacement in the next few years, it is essential to replace it immediately. You have no idea what damage the following weather change could bring. You should go for a high-quality Armadura roofing in Edmonton to secure your home and prevent water damage.

The Armadura roofing Edmonton is a four-way interlocking system with high-quality engineered trim. It is designed to resist all Canadian weather conditions and protect your home. It will be the last roof you’ll get for your home.