Why Are Disability Claims So Frequently Rejected?

It is no strange news that a lot of people apply for social security disability benefits annually. But did you know that only about 31% of the millions of applications are approved and recognized at the initial level of the disability claim process?

Coping with a disability represents a very frustrating challenge. This is especially true when the disability insurance claim is rejected. Besides the issues of medical treatments and health difficulties, another cause for worry may arise when the insurance company fails to pay disability benefits.

In cases like this, the importance of having a top social security disability lawyer cannot be stressed enough. After all, it is best to work with experts to receive the various disability benefits you might be entitled to. 

For this reason, it is imperative to understand the various reasons why social security disability claims are often denied. These reasons are not fixed; they range from one claim to another. However, in this guide, we will look at five different reasons why social security disability claims are denied. All you need to do is to keep reading this article!

Disability Insurance: When Will It Not Be Applicable?

1.Insufficient Medical Information

A lot of social security disability claims are denied when there is no convincing medical evidence. For you to increase your chances of qualifying for disability benefits, there is a great need to prove that your inability to work is associated with your disability.

If you wish to enjoy success in this, it is essential for your medical records to reveal your disability. It should also prove how it has hindered your ability to do tasks at work, leaving you unemployed most of the time.

For instance, it is possible that you are seeing a doctor monthly due to chronic foot pain. However, if the medical professional has not recorded how the foot pain has hindered your ability to work, the social security administration will deny your disability claim.

With well-documented medical records, you have the important means of determining the success of your claim for the benefits. As a result, your physician must understand the impact of the disability on your work performance.

With doctor’s notes, you can be excused from working. This should be added to your medical files. You can make use of this to present your claim for social security disability benefits to the social security administration. Since the decisions can be complicated, they should be made by doctors and not insurance company middlemen.

2. The Definition of Disability Law Has Not Been Met

It may be nearly impossible to prove your claims for disability benefits if you have not met the requirements to be considered disabled. What this implies is that the insurance company decides that your disability should not be considered serious enough. For this reason, you should still be able to work.

These denials are often associated with what is known as invisible medical conditions. These could include chronic fatigue or mental illness. Yet, it should be stressed that such a decision made by the insurer to disprove the doctor’s conclusion can be subjective. If the doctor remains supportive of the conclusion they made, then the insurer’s conclusion can be challenged.

3. Other Underlying Medical Conditions

This is a common circumstance that people with disability claim face. In this case, the insurance company is not disputing the fact that your disability is hindering your work performance.

What they believe is that the medical condition that seems to prevent you from working efficiently only came to effect before the insurance coverage started. This is a pre-existing policy exclusion that only takes effect early in your coverage; usually in the first year.

This situation is considered to be highly technical. For this reason, it is imperative to employ a social security disability lawyer who can improve your chances of acceptance and assist in preventing rejections due to technical issues or other typical mistakes. This will help you get a rigorous review of the circumstances, as well as the prior medical treatments.

4. Failing Insurance Company Surveillance

It is not uncommon for insurers to keep track of the social media pages of those claiming social security disability benefits. Some might even hire private investigators to look deeply into your activities when you seek these benefits.

In most cases, the details that are presented to disprove your claim and credibility are not to show that you have lied about your status. Rather, it is to prove that you have concluded impatiently without acquainting yourself with the full context. This assumption can be used to deny your benefits claim.

Indeed, the denial of your disability claim can be frustrating. However, you are never alone. By hiring the best disability discrimination lawyers, you can easily navigate this uncertain period. Besides this, you can get the support you need to obtain the benefits you are entitled to.

5. Not Following Treatments Prescribed by Doctors

If your doctor prescribed treatment for you and you fail to follow it religiously, the social security administration can deny your social security disability claim. After all, the examiner cannot determine precisely how or if your condition can hinder your ability from working.

They can also find it difficult to determine if you are simply unwilling to cooperate with the treatment you have been prescribed. If so, there is a great chance that you are purposely making your disability worse.

However, an appeal process is available if there are relevant reasons why you were not able to follow the treatment as prescribed by the doctor. Despite this, you will need the service of a social security disability lawyer to help you.


Working with a disability can be very challenging and frustrating. As a result, many people are often entitled to certain financial benefits that can make their lives easier. However, there are various instances when the claim for these benefits can be denied.

If you wish to avoid these unwanted fates, then you should familiarize yourself with the different reasons why disability claims can be rejected. Furthermore, the service of a top social security disability lawyer can be very helpful.