What Other Similar Jobs Are There to Agency Jobs in Hamilton?

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional looking for a new job in Hamilton, you may want to know what are some of the other types of jobs that are available in the are?  There are plenty of positions available in the area, including jobs for social workers, nurses, and doctors. Here are a few other jobs in Hamilton that are similar to Agency jobs.

1. Director of Economic and Community Development

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2. Director of Job and Family Services

HCJFS is a large hamilton agency that has been around since 1947. The organization provides a bevy of services, from public assistance to workforce development. HCJFS is one of only a handful of metropolitan, quadruple-combined public human service agencies in the state of Ohio. The name of the game is to get families back on their feet and into the workforce. Its 850 employees are represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. The department also has a robust compensation program.

There are several departments and programs within HCJFS, but the top of the food chain is the Department of Economic and Community Development. This department is responsible for grant writing, financial reporting, program coordination and the likes. The department also operates the 421-LIFE sexy, a hotline tasked with reporting neglect and other maladies of the human persuasion. The agency also has a robust transportation reimbursement program.

The Department of Job and Family Services has five assistant directors responsible for their functional areas. Aside from the typical social services duties, the department also administers state and federal programs. The organization is also accredited by the Council on Accreditation. HCJFS is the county’s largest and most visible agency. Its employees have been lauded for their commitment to excellence and the agency has been a top-rated employer for many years. The department has an impressive number of accolades, including an Employee Excellence award from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and a top notch rating from the Department of Health and Human Services. The department also boasts a robust employee training and development program. The organization has a number of high-tech and low-tech programs to help families find employment and transition into the workforce. The Department of Job and Family Services is also one of the most innovative agencies in the state.

3. Director of Human Resources

Providing advice and services to the City’s employees and the general public, the Department of Human Resources is the key to achieving a high-performing workforce. The department’s services include recruitment, compensation and benefits administration, training and development, and employee relations.

In addition, the department provides an integrated human resources management system that enables the City to meet service delivery goals while improving productivity. The Department of Human Resources also ensures compliance with key policies and procedures. The Department provides services and support to all City departments, including the Civil Service Commission.

In addition, the Health Safety and Wellness section provides services to promote healthy living and prevent occupational disease. It also ensures a safe work environment. This section is also involved in a variety of health related policies and practices, including absences, occupational disease, and lost time administrative coordination.

The Department of Human Resources also provides advice on employment-related legislation, including the Ontario Human Rights Code. Employees who have questions about workplace issues can consult Human Rights Specialists who provide neutral advice. The department’s policies and procedures are based on principles of human rights.

The Human Resources Department is dedicated to the pursuit of equality and diversity. It is committed to a workplace where all employees are treated equally and valued. In addition, the department works with the City’s Executive Leadership Team to develop the vision and culture of the organization.

Human Resources is part of the City Manager’s Office. It is responsible for promoting an inclusive workplace that values diversity, encourages independent thought, and helps to achieve a high-performing workforce. The Human Resources department is committed to implementing policies and procedures that follow all applicable employment laws. The department also works closely with the Executive Leadership Team to develop a people strategy that is best-in-class across the employee lifecycle.

The HR Department works with other departments to provide support and services to the City’s employees. In addition, the department maintains records that are available for the public and courts. The department also administers the Equal Employment Opportunity Office.

4. Director of Finance

Managing all aspects of financial operations, a Director of Finance, Agency jobs in Hamilton will have the opportunity to create a strong financial strategy that is aligned with overall strategic goals. A finance director must be able to coordinate financial programs, develop strong relationships with investors and investors’ advisors, and guide efforts towards a financial stable future. A finance director must also have excellent communication skills and strong analytical and strategic thinking.

A Director of Finance, Agency jobs in Hamilton will develop, implement, and review fiscal policies and procedures for the County. The director will be responsible for encumbered and unencumbered funds, budgets, and financial reporting. The director will also train and advise other county offices on fiscal matters. The director will also ensure that the County adheres to all legal requirements and is compliant with any applicable regulations. The director will also represent the County Finance Department on committees and meetings. The director will also answer inquiries from elected officials and private sector companies.

The director will also ensure that the county is in compliance with all state and federal laws. The director will also prepare and submit annual capital budget projections and 10 year operating budget projections. The director will also oversee monthly reporting and financial analysis. The director will develop training programs for other county offices. The director is also responsible for ensuring that the County is in compliance with OSHA safety standards.

A Director of Finance, Agency jobs may be based at the Hamilton site or remotely. The position requires a bachelor’s degree and at least six years of experience. The position is considered full time. The job requires a strong financial strategy, exceptional numerical proficiency, and good leadership skills. It is also important that the director maintains strong relationships with investors, investors’ advisors, and other government agencies.


The Director of Finance, Agency jobs in Hamilton will lead a team of three individuals. These individuals will be responsible for overseeing the annual budget, managing the quarterly forecast processes, performing ad hoc reporting to the CFO, and partnering with business unit finance managers.