What Kind of Employees Are Qualified For Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Mostly all part or full-time employees are qualified for Worker’s Compensation benefits if they have faced injuries at their workplace. However, there are certain types of employees who are not qualified to receive the benefits of Worker’s Compensation, like domestic workers, independent contractors, seasonal Farmworkers, community service workers, volunteers, professional athletes, etc. if you are unsure whether you qualify for a workers compensation, make sure to consult a lawyer from Strianese Huckert, LLP regarding your case.

In some cases, even if an employee is qualified to receive the benefits of Worker’s Compensation, their benefits are snatched away due to the manipulation of their employer or level insurance provider. Insurance companies give various excuses and reasons for denying compensation coverage. If you are experiencing a similar situation, it is necessary to consult a lawyer who deals with Worker’s Compensation law so that you can get the required legal remedy for protecting your rights. 

Workers compensation benefits

The Worker’s Compensation law restricts the amount received by injured workers. There is a certain limit which can be received every week. It is about 100% of the average weekly salary in the United States. The maximum amount for workers’ compensation benefits is $1099. It is also necessary to remember that disability benefits are also provided as a percentage depending upon the total disability.

Other than covering the accident and injuries marketing from the accident, the Worker’s Compensation system provides three kinds of benefits. These are as follows.

  • Temporary total disability

These benefits provide about 66% of the total regular wage earned by the injured employee.

  • Temporary partial disability

These benefits provide about 80% of the difference between wages gained before and after the accident. It is used in cases where the employee is not completely disabled but cannot get back to a job to perform their work-related duties.

  • Impairment benefits

If the injury caused a permanent disability in the employee, they would be provided with the temperament benefits.  

Accidents included in Worker’s Compensation coverage.

The Worker’s Compensation heads cover businesses, accidental injuries, disabilities, and deaths caused by the workplace environment. It helps compensate for any of the situations mentioned above at the job or while the employee is getting out of his work-related duties. To file a valid claim, make sure to hire a Worker’s Compensation lawyer.

Contact an attorney!

You can contact an attorney to know your legal benefits if you have been injured at work. An attorney will help you get a workers’ compensation claim if you are eligible for the same. 

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