What Ketogenic Food Could I Ever Have in India?

Indian cuisine is surprisingly delicious on a keto diet, and there are many dishes you can order in any Indian restaurant. Butter chicken, for example, is a keto-friendly option because it’s made with real Indian spices and seasonings. To make it vegetarian-friendly, you can omit the chicken and substitute it with paneer, a dairy product. You can also order a vegetarian version without using paneer, as the dish has no hidden carbohydrates.

In addition to chicken tikka, other keto-friendly Indian dishes include salmon, shrimp, and lamb. You can also order dishes such as chicken malai kabab, which features seasoned chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, and white pepper. You may also want to order Methi salmon, which is salmon marinated with fenugreek, or Tandoor jumbo shrimp. Alternatively, you can order a tandoori medley, which contains several types of tandoor-cooked meat.

Indian cuisine has a rich, varied flavor and texture. While many of its spices and herbs are keto-friendly, they are often paired with carbohydrates, which can prevent you from achieving ketosis. This can be problematic if you are on a Ketogenic diet, as you may not be able to enjoy all of your favorite cuisine. For a more authentic Indian meal, you can prepare some of the dishes yourself.

The Indian cuisine offers some delicious low-carb dishes. While many of these dishes are vegetarian, you can still enjoy chaat, a savory snack with ingredients such as onions and potatoes. You may also want to try out naan, which is a flatbread made from the same ingredients as a standard loaf of bread. Samosa, a crispy pastry filled with spiced potatoes, onion, and spices, is another low-carb dish.

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