What is the difference Between Louvered Shutters and Exterior House Shutters?

Choosing ugly shutters for your house is a cardinal sin. Instead, you should see them as an accessory that will protect your exterior. The latest types of shutters are durable and eye-pleasing to look at. 

Additionally, these Bifold shutters can withhold weather conditions and wreak havoc on your exterior. This is where shutters can play a huge role, as they can reduce damage and protect your exterior. Here, we will discuss the benefits of shutters, their types, and how they can elevate your home’s looks and provide protection.

Fantastic Protection with Roller Outdoor Shutters

Outdoor shutters are essential as they protect your walls from vandalism and other destructive elements of society. These shutters are made using strong and durable metals like alumiium, steel, and a composite of both. 

Depending on their type, you can use them for doors and windows. Some folks use them for the entire house to provide extra protection and security. At Bayview Lumex, we can provide various colour options for your house’s exterior. Along with that, you need not worry about the installation, as our installation experts will visit your home and fit these shutters without any delay. 

Many of our shutters are remote-controlled and can be used while sitting on your sofa and watching a movie. We also provide manual shutters, but we still recommend automatic shutters due to their convenience and ease of use. 

The Undisputed Kings: Louvered Shutters

Also known as plantation shutters – louvred shutters are mainly used for indoor and outdoor security and privacy. You can add security to these shutters with key locks or smart locks. Additionally, these shutters will not stop the air and light ventilation, controlling the temperature of your room during hot summers and chilly winters in Australia. 

These shutters are made using high-quality aluminium, stainless steel, and composite materials. Hence, these shutters have long-lasting life and have good value for money. We provide powder-coated and enamel-painted shutters that will last for years and years. 

With our outdoor louvre shutters Sydney options, enjoy the view, eliminate security worries, and control the temperature as you please. Bayview Lumex is one of the best louvre system Melbourne providers and offers our customers products that fit your budget, needs, and liking. 

There are four types of louvred shutters: 

Indoor Louvered Shutters

This type of shutter has horizontal slats through which the lights and air pass into your home effortlessly. These shutters provide a glamorous look to your property and are used for residential and commercial buildings to add a touch of class and protect the outer walls against heavy rainfalls and damaging UV rays. 

Additionally, anyone can operate them, and they are very adaptable. Our installation experts will install these shutters as per your needs and thwart direct sunlight from entering your house. 

We provide the best to our clients; thus, our shutters are acclaimed for the gorgeous combination of the latest and classic hues. With us, you have all the creative freedom to choose your favourite shade to make your space enticing and cozy. 

Fixed shutters

As the name suggests, these types of shutters are not mobile. Instead, the slats in fixed shutters can be adjusted according to the ventilation and light you want. You can get these shutters for your house’s inside and outside areas. 

Hinged Shutters

Now, hinged shutters are tiny doors that are laced with slats and give you the ability to control the ventilation and light. Hinged shutters are fixed to one side of the wall, allowing them to move inwards and outward as per their installation. They are available in various sizes, from window size to door size. 

Slider Shutters

Slider shutters are mainly used for porches, patios, and balconies. They’re mobile and provide you with a clear view of the outdoors. When the weather is rough, place them outside to protect your house and when the weather is clear, pull them back and enjoy the gorgeous view. 


We will be thrilled if this information has given you basic knowledge regarding types of shutters. When you want protection against the bad elements of society, roller shutters are sensible, but they’re rigid and can’t be adjusted to adjust the ventilation and light. On the other hand, louvred shutters give you the privilege to control the shutters and decide the amount of ventilation and light you need.