What Is Princess Cut Diamond and 4ct Princess Cut Prices At Rare Carat?

In today’s world, where fashion and beauty are much hyped, and everyone wants to look fashionable, jewelry is one of the most sorted-out accessories to much with a cute fashionable outfit. Most people wear jewelry at weddings, red-carpet events, graduation and baby showers.

If you look into all the different people attending various events, you will notice that diamond jewelry is the most sorted out type. Diamond is a very appealing type of jewelry because it matches almost all types of clothes. It also has this shiny appearance that makes it very admirable, whether it’s a ring, necklace or bangle.

What is a princess-cut diamond?

Princess cut diamond is the second most sorted out type after the round cuts. The princess cut diamond is a diamond cut that is square in shape and has pointed corners with brilliant faceting. Its facets cuts are triangle shaped to increase their brilliance.

The princess-cut diamond has around 50 facets; most cuts are on the crown and four chevron patterns. These chevron patterns reflect flashes of white and colored lights. Princess-cut diamonds are mainly used in engagement rings. Many people today who are getting engaged prefer princess-cut diamond rings over any other ring because of their beauty.

Why do people prefer princess-cut diamonds?

  • They are less expensive; princess-cut diamonds are preferred to round-cut diamonds because they are
    less expensive.
  • They sparkle; princess-cut diamonds have 4 chevron patterns, which makes them sparkle when the
    beam of light falls on their sharp corners. This makes them look brilliant.
  • The size of the princess-cut diamond is smaller than the round-cut diamonds. This makes the princess
    shape cut diamond to be a go since it won’t look too big on the finger.
  • Quality of its cuts, the princess cut diamonds are cut in a very appealing and perfect manner that you
    can see clearly from their corners.

What are lab-grown diamonds?

As much as diamonds are mined, other diamonds are grown in the laboratory. Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds created in a technological process in a laboratory using the same conditions that the naturally mined diamonds naturally develop. These lab-grown diamonds are as real as the normally mined diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds are a combination of art and technology, which makes them brilliant.

The lab-grown diamonds consist the same chemical properties as naturally mined diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds are made of carbon atoms, the same matter that constitutes normal mined diamonds. These carbon atoms are arranged in a crystal structure like natural diamonds.

Why are lab-grown diamonds better?

Lab-grown diamonds are better than natural diamonds because;

  • Environmentally superior, lab-grown diamonds are far better since they are environmentally friendly, unlike natural diamonds, which destroy the environment during mining. You can imagine the damage left when mining occurs for the natural diamond. For that reason, we consider lab-grown diamonds to be the best remedy to safeguard the environment.
  • Budget-friendly, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds. Hence people prefer them more. At least, you’ll not spend a lot of money to acquire this diamond that is also durable and reliable. In fact, if you are given these two varieties of diamonds, you’ll be unable to note the difference. The quality is also high.
  • The better quality lab-grown diamonds are of better quality than the mined diamonds since when they are mined; dirt tends to fall and settle in them, thus reducing their quality. Still, the lab-grown diamonds are created in a friendly environment.

What is RareCarat.com?

Buying a diamond ring can be a little bit tiresome if you don’t where to start. Many websites and shops sell diamonds but getting a good shop that sells good quality diamonds can be a problem. RareCarat.com is one of the best places to start shopping for diamonds.

RareCarat.com is an online marketplace for diamonds that is located in New York, United States. It is one of the best places to shop for a ring, especially princess-cut diamond rings for engagements.

RareCarat.com helps people to buy diamonds wholesale from retailers. RareCarat.com is very reputable, with many of its customers attesting to its good customer service and friendly prices.

RareCarat.com sells a variety of diamonds, such as lab-grown and mined diamonds. These diamonds can be of different shapes, that is, princess cut shape diamonds or round-cut diamonds. They give their customers a variety of options to choose from.

How to find good lab-grown diamond deals from RareCarat.com

To find a good lab-grown diamond deal, you must look at the quality and color of different lab-grown diamonds to find the best option. You also have to check the prices between the different shapes that RareCarat.com offers. Most of the time, princess-cut diamonds are cheaper than round-cut diamonds.

You also have to look out for the diamond’s measurement with that of your finger if you want to buy a ring to get the right fit for yourself and at a good price. Before you buy your diamond on RareCarat.com, make sure you check out the different pictures of those diamonds to know which diamond has a better sparkle than the other. This will enable you to find the best diamond that you will love.

How much do diamonds cost?

Diamonds are very appealing and beautiful, but for you to actually own one, you should be ready to incur the cost. The prices of diamonds vary from how they are made up to their shapes, color and brilliance.

Diamonds are priced per carat. The cost of one carat of a diamond is 4500$- 25000$. That range of the cost of one carat of diamonds depends on the shape, clarity, color and carat. The cheapest diamonds can cost you 2000$- 16000$.


Diamonds are very popular; if you wish to buy diamonds, RareCarat.com is the best place to get your diamonds. The best princess-cut diamonds are lab-grown diamonds due to their quality and price. And rest assured, you’ll get the value for every penny that you’ll pay for one.

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