What Are Programmatic Out-Of-Home Campaigns? Find Out Now

As you have been doing your research about advertising and marketing, you’ve probably come across the term “programmatic out of home advertising campaigns.” If you’re wondering what this mouthful of a phrase means, you’re at the right place! In this article we will unpack this term so that you can stay up to date with the latest (and greatest) in ad buying. 

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the buying and selling of advertisement space automatically and digitally, rather than through people and all the steps that were previously required in order to book ad space (such as negotiation, requests for proposals, or RFPs, and gathering quotes). 

Programmatic advertising campaigns, therefore, refer to all kinds of ad buy, including online ads, television ads, print advertising, and out of home (OOH) ad campaigns. fraud in programmatic advertising removes the middle-man from the process of buying ad space and simplifies the operation, giving companies more freedom to make executive decisions about how and where they will launch their ad campaigns. The result is that sales people are no longer an in-between factor when it comes to finding and purchasing advertising space, which is beneficial for businesses in the long and short run. 

Programmatic advertising campaigns are on the rise and expected to continue taking off at a rapid pace; this form of marketing is the wave of the future in the ad buying realm. All types of ads have either already shifted or are in the process of shifting to a programmatic format, which means you will definitely also want to hop on this trend. When it comes to out of home advertisements specifically, programmatic ad buying makes the process painless and manageable. Let’s talk about what exactly out of home advertisements are and how you can use them. 

What Are Out of Home Advertisements?

You certainly view and possibly even interact with out of home advertising every day because these ads are all around but subtly enough assimilated into outdoor and indoor environments that people digest them without expressly realizing it. This is part of what makes out of home advertising so effective: its seamless integration into people’s thoughts and perspectives. 

Just as programmatic advertising is the use of software for ad buying, programmatic out of home advertising is utilizing software to locate and purchase out of home advertising space. Even further, one more term you should know is programmatic DOOH: the use of software to purchase digital out of home (DOOH) advertising space. 

Out of home advertising can be divided into four different categories, which are as follow:

Billboards and Digital Screens

Billboards and digital screens are the largest type of ad space you can purchase, with large-scale bulletin billboards being the biggest. Billboard advertising includes traditional vinyl-coated poster billboards, murals, wallscape billboards, posters, and of course, digital screens, which allow you to make real time changes and updates when needed. 

Street Furniture

Street furniture advertising includes many different forms of “furniture” that can be found in busy outdoor spaces. These include bus shelters, kiosks, benches, trash cans, bikeshares, and news stands, although the possibilities for street furniture advertising are endless.

Transit Advertising

Transit advertising targets everyone, from those who use public transportation to those who are on their commute to those who are on the street or in busy areas; each of these people will see transit advertising pass by or otherwise directly encounter it in their day-to-day life. Transit advertising includes buses, trains, subways, airports, trucks, taxis, and aircrafts, among others. 

Place-Based Advertising

This type of advertising allows you to reach a target demographic by driving at the locations that the audience frequents. Place-based advertising includes elevators, gas stations, shopping centers, stadiums and arenas, movie theaters, bars and restaurants, and virtually anywhere your target audience might be!


Now that you know the basics about programmatic out of home advertising campaigns, you can surely understand the importance of becoming familiarized with the process so you can utilize the benefits for your marketing campaign. In short, programmatic advertising allows you to automatically set up your advertising strategy wherever there is available ad space in your desired location; because of the intelligence of programmatic ad buying, you can use metrics like geolocation data and measurable patterns to hone in on how to reach your target audience.

Not only do programmatic advertising campaigns give you greater results and more freedom to execute your marketing strategy, but they are also cheaper than the traditional process. You can use programmatic advertising with your digital out of home advertising strategy for great results quickly!