What Are Medium And Low-Priority Debts?

The standard way to make your debts in an organized manner is to arrange them by priority. This strategy not only helps you to pay all your bills on time, but it can also save you some money if used wisely. There are three basic categories in which you can divide your debt, i.e., high priority, medium priority, and low priority. Depending on the necessity of each amenity the debt is for, you can divide them into before types. 

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Medium priority debts 

  • Medical bills and insurance 

Medical bills or insurance are pretty vital if you are under any treatment. Making sure you save enough money to continue your medical treatment is essential, as stopping them in the middle can cause severe health complications. For example, if you are taking a physician’s treatment and medicines, you must continue with it to completely heal yourself. 

  • Credit cards 

Paying your credit card bills can cause you a lot of trouble. For instance, the creditor will not stop calling you, and if you delay the debt for longer, they might even sue you. However, before that, you will lose all your credit privileges and be bombarded with serval penalties and interest charges. And before you realize you will have several pending payments and installments to be filled, which will reflect negatively on your credit report. 

  • Court decisions 

If you fail to pay your debt and bills on time, your creditor will probably go to court and file a lawsuit against you. If the creditor wins the case, which in most situations he will, they will start taking money from your bank accounts and your regular income. In such standings, your hand is tied, and you cannot do anything. 

However, if you want to ensure that the creditor does not win a court case, you can hire a debt defense attorney with some experience in your type of case. Although it is a long shot, it is worth a try to save your money. 

Low priority debts 

  • Supermarket and gasoline bills

Saving enough money to buy food and household supplements is a necessity. While you might have a monthly or quarterly scheme at your gas station or departmental store, you will have to pay the bills to keep purchasing from there arenagadgets.

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