As the name suggests, trekking is one of the most fun activities. It is amazing and has been attracting a lot of attention for the past few years. The treeking can be done with your family, friends or your loved ones. People especially like to go around the mountain ranges and explore the beauty of nature. Treks have the delicacy to bring the people closer to the atmosphere. The fresh air and mountain peaks are thrilling and it gives a range of spectacular views that is beyond explanation.  Nature lovers are always in a rush and enthusiastic to go around discovering places. The natural environment fascinates them. Trekking is suitable for people who can stroll around in circles for days. Trekking can be done in groups mostly guided by a trainer. Trekking is a true sport that drives your adrenaline rush. It’s full of excitement and the experience is worth cherishing forever. The country of India has some remarkable places to trek. Some of the famous trek sports Include –


Nature lovers are aware of the famous trek site based in the Himalayan mountains in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The trek is filled with cultural values and the journey views the flora and fauna of the region. The trek starts from Dhaula region of Uttarakhand and the trek is completed when you reach Sangla region of Himachal Pradesh. The 15250 ft high pass is 52kms long which can be completed in 8 days. As the place is at a high altitude, the temperature drops down to below 20 degrees. The Rupin pass trek is fun if you visit here during the months of May- June or during September to October.


Exploring nature and enjoying the adventures is super exciting and thrilling. The country of India has remarkable trek sights which resembles the bliss of nature in a mesmerizing way. The Chopta Tungnath Trek is another famous trek site based in Garhwali In Himalayas. This trek is suitable for beginners as the trek is 5 km long with an altitude of 11154 ft of height. The trek journey introduces you to many villages which follow the traditional way of living. The best time to check out the serene bountiful and elegant sights around the spot Is during the months of April to November. The trek becomes more anticipated if you are viewing the sights with your family and loved ones. The activity is one of a kind that is suitable to roll down thrill and excitement.


Trekking has always been amazing. The adventurous sport is thrilling as it has tremendous fun and the trek is incomplete without sightseeing.  The exploring of the enchanting beauty and the thrill is amazing which draws the attention of the trekkers all around the world. The kedarnath trek Is another trek in India which can be completed in 6 days. The 20 km long trek has an altitude of 12500 km which starts from Sankri Village and ends thereof. If you are a true trek lover then the best timing to visit the trek sight is during the months of November to April.


The Himalayas have surprised the world with mesmerizing beauty. The BRAHMATAL TREK is a journey that’s named so in order to respect lord Brahma. The 22 km long trek is a 6 day long trek with extraordinary sight seeing and awestruck beauty. Kathgodam marks the beginning and the end of this trek.  The height of the trek is 12150 ft. The trek site is covered with snow. The dense forests are pretty and the variety of plants and animals are amazing to explore. The trek is guided by specialist trainers. The trek site attracts tourists from all over the world. The trek enthusiasts can visit the place during the months of December to March.


There can’t be enough words to compliment the beauty of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The state is one of a kind and has always been a place that attracts tourists from all over the world. Based on the land of paradise, the trek named as TARSAR MARSAR TREK is a 7 day long trek which covers 47 kms. The base camps and tents provide shelter  for the tourists and the nature lovers. The trek is 13201 ft in altitude. The best time to visit the trek site is during July to September. The place of Aru marks the beginning as well as ending of the trek.  The trek is the means to stroll around the most famous sites of Jammu and Kashmir and you can explore the forest ranges and the beautiful lakes that have stored extreme peace. The trek lovers can never miss an opportunity to visit this place.


The land of India has countless number of track sites and yet another of the famous sites called the Hampta trek pass is one of the unique trek locations located in the Himalayas. The tourists love this place due to the divine view and the excitement that is driven by adventure. The 14100 ft high altitude trek is a 5 day trek that has spread around for a distance of 35 kms. The base camp of Manali has been the location to start the trail and the journey stops again here. The months of mid- June to September are perfect to plan the trip. The mesmerizing beauty has renowned itself so well that the trekkers are always fond of this place. The trek sight is nothing less than a dream. The place is a must go if you are a true trek enthusiast.


The place of Manali is famous for trekking. Tourists love to visit Manali with family and friends and if you are in Manali, It’s impossible to miss out on the Beas kund  trek. The greenery of the place and the divine view is breathtaking. The trek is 16 km long and the altitude Is 12772 ft. The trek of Beas Kund starts from Manali  and ends at Solang Valley.  The trek is a 3 day long trek that is awesome and is one of the favourite spots that tourists love to visit.

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