Top fashion trends 2023

Winter is almost over, which means it’s time to actively draw up a shopping list for the new season. The new collections of designers turned out to be very diverse, and the shows were bright and memorable. The spring-summer season 2023 will be full of black lace, maxi and mini skirts, pleats and leather.

Zero, lingerie style and low rise are still at the forefront of fashion trends. Creative directors of brands draw inspiration from the trends of past fashion eras, rethinking them in a modern way. Spring and summer 2023 are expected to be feminine, daring and romantic. We talk about the main trends of the new season that you need to know now.

Leather dress

Some things from the spring-summer lines can be worn right now. For example, a leather dress, which appeared in almost every second collection. Creative directors of brands showed their versions of this piece of clothing, working with the cut and silhouette. New arrivals include one-shoulder, fitted strapless cuts, printed T-shirt dresses and two-tone variations. A leather dress always looks impressive and expensive, and therefore such a wardrobe item can be considered a profitable and important purchase in six months or now.


Linen aesthetics has become a part of our everyday looks. This summer, we all dressed up in corsets, slip dresses, and have been on the list of important components of the basic wardrobe for a long time. In the spring-summer lines, designers began to actively use lace. Classic black got the most attention: sensual dresses and bodysuits, daring blouses and lace trim on skirts and shirts diversify everyday looks. You can subdue such images with the help of flat shoes and calm makeup.

Open belly

The low landing that returned to fashion made many fashionistas go to the gym more actively. An open belly is also a trend of the new spring-summer period. But now it is not only trousers lowered to the hips and jeans at the waist of dresses, but also open buttons of cardigans, as well as slits in dresses and even leather jackets. Such an element helps to make the images more textured and interesting, and also complicates even the simplest bows. By the way, if you want to quickly earn money for a new wardrobe – try Roulette online.

Mini length

Extremely short skirts, inspired by Miu Miu, Diesel and other brands, became one of the key trends of the past summer. Six months later, they will remain relevant and win an even more important and significant place in everyday wardrobe. In addition to skirts, the designers also presented very short shorts that will save you from the sultry heat and give you stylish and spectacular bows.


Corsets continue to lead among the key trends. In the new season, they have become part of romantic lace dresses, pastel pink jumpsuits and printed short dresses. Feminine outfits are easy to balance with flat shoes, wide jeans or trousers.


What could be more festive and spectacular than sequins? Next summer and spring, the creative directors of Fashion Houses offer not to limit themselves to evening attire and wear sequins every day. Glittering scales appeared both on luxurious floor-length dresses, such as those we saw in the Tom Ford disco collection, as well as on Chanel blouses and Michael Kors Collection skirts, elegantly complemented by sweaters and jumpers. Valentino showed real total bows, completely studded with shimmering sequins, which adorned hoodies, dresses, skirts, tights and shoes.

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