A Guide to Correct Score Betting by a BetZillion Expert, Tim Harrison

Correct Score Betting Explained – Strategies from Tim Harrison for Iloungenews

Photo by Florian Schmetz, unsplash

The Correct Score betting market is one of the lucrative betting markets that can help you get the best value for your money. However, only a few punters are familiar with it for different reasons. It could be because the most popular betting markets are 1X2, Over/Under, and Double Chance.

While these betting markets are all straightforward, they do not give the same returns as the Correct Score betting market. 

Tim Harrison, a betting expert from BetZillion, had an interview session with Iloungenews, where we discussed the best betting strategies for wagering on the Correct Score betting market.

What Is the Correct Score Betting Market?

The correct score betting market could be challenging, but it is pretty straightforward. Here, you will predict the correct score of a particular game. It is that simple!

To win a correct score betting, you must predict each side’s exact score. For instance, if Brazil is playing against the USA in a FIFA World Cup game, you need to predict the precise goals Brazil will score and which the USA will score to win the bet. 

So, you are not only concerned with the side that will win the game but also the number of goals each side will score. It makes the betting market complicated, which is why many bettors prefer not to wager on the betting market. However, the odds placed on this market are usually high because of how challenging it can be to predict the exact score of a game. As a result of high odds, your payouts will be bigger than the regular betting markets.

Most Popular Sports for Correct Score Betting Market

While the correct score betting market is more prevalent in football, it is also available for other sports. 

For instance, our 22Bet review suggests that players can also place correct score bets on:

  • basketball, 
  • American football, 
  • ice hockey, 
  • volleyball, 
  • and other sports. 

All you have to do is to search for bookmakers that offer the betting market for the sports of your choice. 

Types of Correct Score Betting

The correct score betting market is not only limited to wagering on the exact score at full-time as there are different modifications. Here are some of the types of correct score betting markets.

Half-Time Correct Score

To payout from the Half-time correct score market, you need to predict the exact score that will end the first half. The odds are also consistently high because you never can tell how the first half will end because of the short game time.

Full-Time Correct Score

It is what almost everyone is familiar with. Here, you will predict the exact score at full-time, i.e., the correct score at the end of the game. This particular type gives you more options to predict because there are more minutes to complete full-time.

Second Half Correct Score

While the half-time correct score betting market focuses on predicting the exact scores in the first half, the correct second-half score betting market allows you to predict the precise score of the second half of the game. Usually, punters prefer to place bets on this market because they would’ve been sure of how each team is performing. However, it could still be challenging to predict, but the odds are not usually as high as those for the first half.

Half-Time/Full-Time Correct Score

This betting market is even more tricky because you must combine two different betting markets. Here, it would help if you correctly predicted the scores in the first and second halves. As a result, getting one wrong will mean getting the total bet wrong. 

The odds attached to this market are usually higher than the other markets, making the payouts even better.


With a scorecast, you need to predict the exact score that will end a game and one of the goal scorers. For instance, you can predict the actual score in a match between Arsenal and Wolverhampton and that Ruben Neves will score a goal. The odds for this betting type are also high, allowing bettors to have a big payout.

Other Types

Some sportsbooks may create particular betting types from the correct score betting market. Some could combine the betting market with other betting markets, while others could allow you to predict the exact score of the game and if the first goal were a free-kick or penalty.

Correct Score Betting Tips and Strategies

To get the best out of your Correct Score betting predictions, you need to be strategic, just like other betting markets. Here are some of the tips that could be of help.

1. Do Your Research

Before wagering on any betting market, the first step is to do your research. It is even more critical for the correct score betting market because of how tough the betting market can be.

It is essential to research the teams you want to wager on before jumping on the betting market. Knowing whether they are high-scoring or low-scoring sides helps you make the best predictions. It is also crucial to watch out for their recent forms.

Additionally, pay attention to team news to determine if a star player will not play because of injuries or suspension.

2. Check out Statistics

Before you wager on the correct score betting market between two teams, it is vital to check out the previous games’ statistics, including head-to-head.

3. Run from 0-0 Scores

While a game can end in 0-0, it is not a real bet when wagering on the correct score betting market. A 0-0 score will not allow you to stay in the game longer. Once one of the sides scores in the game’s first few minutes, you will lead your bets early.


The Correct Score betting market could be a bit technical to predict. However, the odds are high, making the payouts quite remarkable. One rule of thumb with wagering on the correct score betting market is to do your research and rely on statistics. If you follow all the tips in this guide, you will likely get the best out of your bets.