Things to consider before searching for replacement windows

Replacing or putting in home windows can be demanding for many homeowners. Whether it’s deciding which type of window is best for you, choosing the right type of glazing, or even considering whether your replacement windows Edmonton, there are many factors to consider.

How do you know if there is a moisture problem with the window?

When moisture accumulates inside the windows, it can be a sign that your windows are starting to fail. If you notice condensation or mold on the inside of the window and/or moisture pooling on the window sill, you have reason to be concerned.

Moisture problems are usually seen as fog between window panes or condensation on the sides of windows facing the interior of your home. Special seals maintain double-pane home windows in the area and, over time, can harden and crack. Cracks are especially common in vinyl windows, where the window frame expands in the hot and contracts in the colder months. This pattern of expansion and contraction causes the seal to crack, leading to fogging and, ultimately, a failed window.

How long does the window last?

Depending on the type of window, a well-maintained window typically lasts 20-50 years. If you’re thinking of replacement windows in Edmonton or inspecting the condition of your home’s windows, you’ll want to look for fogged glass, damaged frames, and drafty houses.

Although high-quality windows are available in residential new construction and remodeling, it is difficult to determine how long windows will last based only on appearance and warranty. Many economy windows offer a lifetime warranty, giving the impression that they will last forever. However, these cheap windows tended to be of lower quality because they were mass-produced in standard sizes compared to custom windows

Will you replace all my windows at once?

Replacement windows in Edmonton is a big job, not to mention expensive, so no homeowner should feel pressured to replace all existing windows at once. The biggest factor when deciding to replace all windows at once depends on your budget and goals. If your main goal is to install a complete set of energy-efficient windows or to increase your curb appeal and it’s within your budget, you can replace all your windows at once.

Installation of replacement windows occurs in two or three stages – usually starting at the front of the house and then moving to the back, then upstairs. Knowing these phases is important because once you order ten or more windows, the cost per window remains the same.

When is the best time to buy replacement windows?

Late spring, early summer, and early fall are the most popular times for homeowners to replace windows as the weather warms. While it’s time for replacement windows in Edmonton can be quick, leaving a window out for roughly half to a full hour can affect the temperature of your home, making the warmer months ideal for those who can’t stand the cold.

Remember that if there is an alarm system in the window, you need to notify the alarm company of the upcoming work. The sensors have to be removed, and the alarm company has to come to the house to reinstall them.

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