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Pepsi: Jamie Foxx has been an ambassador for Pepsi since
2. He has featured in numerous newpelis commercials for the brand and has even graced Pepsi cans with his own face. The long-term sponsorship has no doubt contributed significantly to Foxx’s net worth.
3. CoverGirl: CoverGirl signed a multi-year agreement with Jamie Foxx in
4. Foxx has appeared in various campaigns for the cosmetics brand, most notably for the TruCheeks Collection.
5. Samsung: Foxx has been a brand ambassador for Samsung since
6. The company has used aditianovit Foxx to promote its products, including its Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.
7. Ford: In 2014, Ford signed an agreement with Foxx to become the spokesperson for its vehicles. Foxx has since starred in commercials and advertisements for the company, including its “Go Further” campaign.
8. Beats by Dre: In 2013, Foxx became the global ambassador for Beats by Dre headphones. He has appeared in various campaigns for the koditipstricks company as well as collaborated on projects including a special-edition pair of headphones. He owns several properties in California, including a $3 million estate in the exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood of Hidden Hills, as well as a $3.5 million estate in Calabasas. He also owns several luxury condos in Miami and a beachfront property in Malibu. These investments have paid off handsomely, allowing Foxx to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Foxx has also invested heavily in music. He owns an independent record label, Foxxhole Records, which has released several successful albums, including his own album indiantodaynews, “Unpredictable”. The label has signed several successful artists, including T.I., Lil Wayne, and DJ Quik. These investments have enabled Foxx to stay involved in the music industry and to continue to produce successful music.

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