The Mysterious European Parks

We love mysterious stories and unknown tales. From our childhood, we used to listen to our parents read us amazing fairy tales about different heroes, dragons, and kingdoms. Definitely, everyone has a favorite tale. Imagine if someone loved them so much that managed to create the fairy park in real life. Walking around in such parks makes you dream of something special and unknown. So after a hard working day or a tough game in the live online casino at HellSpin, the best choice is to take a walk and rest yourself. Here are some magnificent parks to visit. 

     Mankind has always been attracted by the unknown, the unknown – that which excites the mind and controls the fantasy behind the usual perception. Garden fashion does not disappear. Throughout the history of gardening art, mysterious and mysterious parks have appeared.

Stourhead Manor

      In the 18th century, a new style was born in England. It was combining naturalness with mystery and romance. Many beautiful buildings and parks were constructed and created using this style. Though, in our opinion, one of the most amazing examples is the garden of the Stourhead estate located in Wiltshire, UK.

      The park is located around a large lake, artificially created by blocking a small stream. The landscape amazes with landscapes. The fantastic view of a seemingly inaccessible island can be caught with a romantic rotunda on top of a hill, and garden pavilions. All the garden pavilions were made in the style of ancient Greek temples.

       Walking along the winding paths, you will feel a surge of curiosity, trying to guess what awaits you around the next bend.

The Sacred Forest

       Fans of garden mysteries will appreciate the flavor of the Sacred Forest, which is located near Rome in the town of Bomarzo. it is also known as a Monster Garden. The garden looks like an enchanted grove full of bizarre figures, overgrown with moss and hiding among the branches.

     Entering the garden, you will see an unusual sculpture depicting the head of Neptune’s son Proteus. On it is the figure of the globe. And the globe itself is crowned with a figure that depicts a castle that belonged to the owner of the park, Francesco Orsini.

     Next, you will see sculptures depicting different subjects. You will see the battle of the titans. Not far from them is an elephant tearing apart a man and dogs attacking a dragon. There is also a stone grotto in the park, intended for resting at midday hours, made in the form of a monstrous head of Orko, the queen of the underworld.

      Another unusual structure in the park is a tilted house. In it, visitors lose their usual guidelines for perceiving reality. And only after climbing to the top of the hill, to the temple dedicated to the wife of the owner of the garden, Giulia Farnese, do visitors feel calm and peaceful. This garden would be a good match for a Halloween party.

Space Reflection Park

       This place in Scotland prompts the visitor to think about the meaning of human existence, its place, and its role in the universe. The park near the city of Dumfries is the work of the architect Charles Jencks. Botany and landscape design are combined with physics, astronomy, and mathematics.

      The landscape of the park surprises with spiral hills, deep wells, and stairs, wandering along which evoke thoughts of infinity and incomprehensibility of the cosmos.

      You can get into this private park only one day a year by purchasing a ticket in advance, the number of which is limited. Proceeds go to the Maggie Cancer Foundation, which Jenks founded in honor of his late wife.

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