The best 11 IPL Players of all time

A lot of players have really mushroomed in the IPL and gone on to achieve greater heights in the international domain. Yesterday cricket match highlights show the fact that the IPL is a brand that is not going to lose value any time soon. It has gone on to emerge as one of the top sporting leagues in the world, as there is a record amount of money involved in the process. Below are a few IPL players who make up our team of 11 players. Let us understand these players in  depth.

Chris Gayle

Universe Boss, as he is known in cricketing circles, is one of the best players when it comes to T-20 cricket. Coming to IPL cricket, he has been a nightmare for the bowlers, and his mere presence sends shivers down the spine of the bowlers. At his peak, he was the epitome of the Indian Premier League in a lot of ways. He has gone on to take his own opening slot, and his numbers are a testimony to the class that he brings to the table.

Rohit Sharma

The current captain of the Indian one-day team has outstanding numbers when it comes to cricket. Ever since the inception of the IPL, he has been with the Mumbai Indians and is the third-highest run scorer in the league. As far as the opening position is concerned, he has gone on to take the opening position on his own. Based on the match situation, he can alter his stance at any time.

Virat Kohli

Coming to the no 3 position, there are no doubts that he has gone on to make it their own. In cricketing circles, there is no better player who can finish the game, and he has to be right up there. In a couple of IPL seasons, he lit up the IPL and in one of them went on to score 4 centuries. In addition, he ranks as one of the top run scorers in the IPL, and you can expect him to be in full flow after leaving the captaincy.

Suresh Raina

The CSK player has done wonders for the batting talent that he possesses. He was responsible for CSK’s success for a considerable period of time. Though he has gone mainly to play in the No. 3 position, we have to allocate him to the No. 4 position. The other skills that he possesses are electrifying fielding and his part-time off-spin bowling. With his all-around skills coming to the fore, he has turned out to be a complete package on all counts.

AB De Villers

The innings that he has gone on to play for the RCB time and time again are fresh in our memories. With his 360 degrees, there has to be an obligation to put him at No. 5 in the batting order. He is a versatile cricketer and can don wicket-keeping gloves if needed. Being a game changer, he could go on to alter the situation of any game with his elegant stroke play.

MS Dhoni

The captain and wicketkeeper of the team are rated as two of the greatest finishers of the game. He is responsible for Team India, or for that matter, CSK, winning a few IPL titles with his captaincy skills. Throughout his cricketing career, he has gone on to bat at No 6 and has gone on to finish numerous games for his franchise. Towards the end of the inning, his massive six-hitting abilities are a much-cherished asset.

Ravindra Jadeja

The Indian all-rounder is playing with an injury but is one of the assets of the CSK franchise. Ever since he started his career with RR, there has been no turning back for this spin-bowling all-rounder. Here you need to take into consideration that the left-right finishing combination has gone on to turn out to be a real value addition to the team. At No. 7, he has gone on to bat for the team.

Sunil Narine

A crafty operator with his all-around abilities makes it to no 8 on the list. In the last few seasons of the IPL, he has been asked to open the batting for KKR, and he has gone on to do a great job. There could be a couple of other West Indies players who may replace him in this number, but keeping the spin-friendly situation in mind, he is the perfect one for the job. He can bowl in the power play and towards the end of the innings.

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

His swing bowling and his death overs speciality make it No. 9 on the list. If you figure out the wicket-takers, he is No. 3 among the leading wicket-takers in the IPL. Though his form has been a tinge scratchy in the last season or so but still he is one of the best in IPL. Not only in terms of performance, but from an experience point of view, he is among the top.

Lasith Malinga

The Yorker or dearth bowler specialist was rare, and hardly a few could master the art. He was an asset to his franchise during his playing days, and he is currently working in the capacity of a coach. Ranked among the top bowlers in the history of the league, he is responsible for playing with the mindset of the batsman. In difficult situations, he has helped his franchise turn out winning performances and is a player on whom the captain can rely.

Jasprit Bumrah

Was the partner of Malinga for a considerable period of time. Both of them were the best in the business when it came to the end results. Mumbai won five times, and a lot of credit is due both bowlers as scoring against them was virtually impossible during the ending stages of the innings. In comparison to Malinga his wickets may not be that large in number. But he was a potent force to reckon.

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