The Benefits of Selling Industrial Equipment through Online Auctions

Several corporations, small firms, and individuals sometimes turn to industrial equipment auctions to liquidate surplus or idle industrial equipment and machinery to recoup capital. While traditionally, this has been done at a physical location, many companies are now choosing online industrial auctions to lessen the disruption to their operations and gain more control over the selling process. However, knowing where to start or what to anticipate when organizing an auction for used industrial equipment might take a lot of work.

Advantages of Hosting the Online Industrial Equipment Auction

Conducting a business auction online has several advantages. The main advantages are:

  • Access to several buyers

Having your auction hosted online naturally exposes your equipment to a far bigger pool of potential customers.

  • Sellers get better control

When industrial equipment auctions only happen online, sellers have more freedom to decide what to do. Sellers can check potential bidders’ online profiles and histories of transactions to determine if they are reliable and trustworthy before allowing them to participate in their auction. Sellers can set reserve prices to prevent selling valuable assets too cheaply. The seller also includes any additional payment, removal, or pickup conditions.

  • Cost-effective

Compared to live, in-person auctions, online auctions typically save sellers money. Because a traditional live auction takes more time and works to set up, the cost to the seller goes up. In contrast, to live auctions, which take time and effort to organize, online auctions may be set up in minutes.

Estimating Profits from Business Auctions

An industrial auction will provide between 10 and 40 % of the used industrial equipment‘s original worth, though this range varies widely across different types of machinery. At times, the asking and final sale prices are virtually identical. Maintain realism and adaptability in your aspirations.

A Guide to Organizing an Attractive Business Auction

  • Get Your surplus

The first step is to catalog and categorize your surplus equipment and materials. You can find a solid starting point in the company’s capital equipment list. Make a registry of all your aspects, noting their names, types, conditions, and locations. Using this method, you may determine which items can be discarded. Consider acquiring cloud-based asset management software or working with a provider that keeps tabs on your assets and their status. Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) software includes an in-built feature for spotting idle or unnecessary assets.

  • Create the lot catalog

You’ll need a lot catalog to advertise your machinery on a website. It is a computerized, spreadsheet-formatted list of your assets. The best way to attract bidders to your auction is to offer items that stand out visually. If you group similar things, it will be much easier for buyers to look through your catalog and decide whether or not to bid at your auction. Before you start your own, look at other auction catalogs to see how items are usually grouped.

  • Take pictures of Your industrial equipment.

Bidders’ decisions to purchase items on auction sites are greatly influenced by the photos the vendors upload. Take as many pictures as you think you’ll need to portray the item’s condition and features accurately. The standard number of photographs uploaded by merchants is three to five.

  • Write the best title with descriptions.

Initially, you’ll want to give your listing a title. The title and description of your listing are significant for online industrial auction sites. People might see your ad while browsing, but it’s much more likely that they found you through the site’s search function. That’s why giving your listing a name that accurately describes it is crucial.

Some suggestions for creating attractive advertisements:

  • Put the manufacturer & model numbers of the products you’re selling in the ad.
  • Specify what it is you’re trying to sell.
  • Only provide the necessary details in the description.

Post Auction procedures

  • Collecting Funds

You must collect payments after the close of your online industrial auction. This process differs based on the type of auction website you’re using. Some online auction sites handle payment processing for you, while others allow you to collect money directly from customers.

  • Arrange equipment pickups and/or deliveries:

As the seller, you are responsible for making arrangements for customer pickups or shipping. It is always the buyer’s responsibility to pay for shipping.


Online auctions for used industrial equipment help companies with strict upgrade plans, as well as other organizations and individuals who have a surplus or underused equipment. They might benefit from selling their machinery as part of their asset recovery strategy.