Rugged Smartwatch: Your Style, Your Choice

If you have a smartphone, you probably don’t need a rugged smartwatch. However, the added convenience can be the deal breaker.

Rugged smartwatches are perfect for people who are not able to use their cell phones in professional settings but want to stay alert regarding important messages and calls. Most smartwatches offer the smart notification feature, which means that you can read, write and reply from your smartwatch.

Of course, you would have to take on the hassle of charging another device, but this is a small price to pay in comparison to the features that a rugged smartwatch would offer!

In addition to letting you make calls, check email, and reply to messages, modern smartwatches monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and much more.

The functionalities of the smartwatch are not the only thing that matters, the design, style, and class count a lot especially when the owner is going to be a woman.

Best Rugged Smartwatch For a Woman

Below, are some of the most stylish, yet versatile rugged smartwatches that you can pamper yourself with!

KOSPET Athena Smartwatch

A watch that offers style, class, and elegance. The 7.3 mm Ultra-thin watch comes in gold color for weddings and black for day-to-day wear. Its Nordic nRF52832 CPU ensures smooth and seamless functionality and the 5.0 Bluetooth offers fast and reliable connectivity.

Its speed-dial marketing is another interesting and catchy feature. You can customize the watch face to flaunt your style or you can put a picture of your loved one on display. Athena Smartwatch will also become your effective exercise assistant. With 6 sports modes, measuring distance, and counting steps and calories, the watch will help you keep fit and healthy.

The 1.10-inch display with a screen resolution of 240*240 is compact, classy, and eloquent. The battery is another feature that is IMPRESSIVE. You can enjoy 5 days of battery with daily use.

KOSPET MAGIC 4 Smartwatch

Looking for a less fancy, yet formal watch? Go with KOSPET Magic 4 smartwatch. The beautiful watch has a sleek and delicate design. You can buy it either in Pink or black or both, Of course!

Regardless of the color that you choose, Magic 4 is a watch to behold. It offers 20 sports modes for you to fully monitor any sort of sports that you play. The watch would count calories, monitor your heart rate, and your BP, and even keep a track of your menstrual cycle.

In order words, the watch is your perfect health assistant. To add a class with style, the 1.32 inches large retina display offers 10 days of battery life and 50 meters of waterproofness. It will surely turn out to be your best investment.

KOSPET GTO Smartwatch

This is another masterpiece by KOSPET. The stylish lightweight, metal body watch is the perfect blend of technology and fashion. The weaved strap, and beautiful squarish 1.4 inches, TFT technology display would complement any dress.

It offers 31 sports modes, along with an IP68 waterproof rating. So, take it along to the depth of the ocean, or above the clouds, and the watch will shine everywhere. Its 15-day battery life, instant notification, heart rate monitories, and weather forecast are a few of the many features that it has to offer.

In other words, it is a complete package in terms of functionality and fashion!

KOSPET MAGIC 3S Smartwatch

You can never go wrong with the KOSPET Magic 3S smartwatch. The sports rugged smartwatch comes with a RealTeK8762dk(Soc) CPU and HN333( Bluetooth calling). It offers 10 sports modes and has an IP67 to ensure that it is waterproof.

Choose between, blue, black, or pink and enjoy smooth support for Bluetooth calling, and Bluetooth music. Also, the watch is the perfect way to monitor your health and fitness. It keeps track of your blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate, among other things.

The impeccable design, silicone strap, vibrant colors, and impressively long battery life are the best way to enter the world of smartwatches!

KOSPET GTR Smartwatch

Looking for something unique and different, the KOSPET GTR smartwatch is the perfect one. The stylish, lightweight, chic watch offers 30 days of battery life. It has RealTeK8762CK CPU, 64KB RAM + 64M ROM and an IP68.

The 1.5-inch TFT IPS technology display is another great feature. What’s more, is that the watch is extremely affordable. It is just for $39.99. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this amazing watch in either pink, blue, or blue color, and flaunt your unique sense of fashion.

Take Away

A rugged smartwatch should be a reflection of your personality. It should not only add convenience to your life but also enhance your sense of fashion. Let it become an accessory that can stand out and demand attention!

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