Roof racks and accessories

Car storage capacity can easily be increased with accessories such as car roof racks for Porsche – we then have extra luggage space to accommodate even rather bulky items such as bikes – it all depends on which type of roof rack you decide upon.

Roof racks and type of attachment

Until recently, most cars were equipped with a gutter or roof rails, to which a roof rack for Porsche could simply be fitted. Unfortunately, with newer car models, it is necessary to select a roof rack variant that is designed for a specific car or even model. The chosen rack is easiest to attach to the roof rails, but in situations where the car is devoid of roof rails, racks are attached by the edge of a roof or, for example, by means of special mounting points, so-called fix points. In order to choose the right roof rack, we must also take into account the car model, such as:

  • F model,
  • 911,
  • 912,
  • 964,
  • 993.

Competent selection will allow us to avoid problems related to subsequent installation or even possible replacement with another model.

Accessories for roof racks

A roof rack can be used to transport a wide variety of accessories – so always adapt it to your needs and choose one that, for example, will enable you to transport your bike or skis comfortably. For this reason, it is advisable to find out exactly which roof rack accessories will be the most suitable for you – perhaps a special holder for skis or a snowboard, which will make your journey much more comfortable.

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