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KSI first became known after recording videos of himself playing Fifa. Since then, his career has blossomed into a variety of genres, including gaming, vlog-style videos, and music. After his engagement soared, he transitioned into a more serious career in music.

KSI has rubbed shoulders with many of today’s biggest music stars. He has also been able to leverage the power of his YouTube fan base to chart well. KSI is one of the most successful YouTube artists. His first single reached number 30 in the UK singles charts, while his debut EP hit number one in the UK R&B albums chart.

KSI’s online presence has grown rapidly, with more than three million subscribers. His videos and vlogs have reached millions of people. His name is a combination of his name and the name of his first YouTube channel, which he created in April 2008. He has since created music and released albums ranging from FIFA to COD: Modern Warfare 2. In 2013, he surpassed three million subscribers on YouTube.

However, KSI’s rise has not been without controversy. In 2012, he was accused of sexual harassment at a Eurogamer event. In response, Microsoft cut ties with him, and he was banned from the expo for life. While this controversy was embarrassing, KSI has remained dedicated to his musical career. His latest releases include the single “Really Love” with Craig David and his album “Digital Farm Animals” due to be released in 2020.


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