Minibus Hire Swansea

The 8-9 seater minibuses are exceptional when it comes to performance on the road. Other than the great traction and suitability for long distance travel, our minibuses will beat the harshest of terrain if you go off road. We have designed these vehicles with your comfort in mind. The suspension system will ensure that you don’t feel a bump when you hit rugged terrain. VI Minibus Hire takes care of the luggage and ensures your seating area isn’t stuffed with bags. Some of our competitors will try and squeeze your suitcases in the cabin since they operate with tiny uncomfortable 9 passenger minibuses.

Low Carbon Emission

Today, most travellers have become conscious of the green effect and carbon emission phenomena. When you choose the 8-9 seat minibus hire vehicles from VI Minibus Hire Swansea, you will be contributing to environment conservation while reducing the carbon footprint. Our vehicles come with low carbon emission technology. They are fuel efficient models and as such, we are able to pass down the savings to our customer.

Comfort, Value for Money and Convenience

If your small group is heading to a wedding, a concert or a business meeting, our focus is to deliver. Don’t be fooled into choosing substandard 9 seater minibuses just because the rates seem too good to be real. Our competitive rates and quality services are the real combination for a traveling group like yours. We offer the better alternative compared to public transport. Our travel experts have dealt with 8-9 set minibus deals in Stretford and Chorlton before. Call us.

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