Important Things You Should Know If You Want to File for an EB-1 Visa

Companies in the United States hire foreign talent through employment-based immigration such as the EB-1 category. This employment-based visa is available to those who have extraordinary abilities, some multinational managers and executives, and outstanding professors and researchers. An experienced immigration lawyer from Pollak Immigration, PLLC can help you get an EB-1 visa either for yourself or foreign worker you want to bring to the country. With this visa, a labor certification is not required. However, sometimes, a possible employer should give you a job offer. 

Why Hire an Immigration Attorney

A lot of people prefer to work with an immigration lawyer when filing for an EB-1 visa as it can be confusing. For those who are not familiar with the legalities and applicable laws, it can be hard to meet the stringent requirements of the USCIS. However, a lawyer can answer any questions you may have about your application. Also, they can explain the application process and provide you with legal advice should something go wrong. 

Steps When Applying for an EB-1 Visa

When you apply for an EB-1 visa, you should follow some steps. Your attorney will complete most of these steps on your behalf. The steps include completing and signing the petition form, paying the filing fee, collecting documents to prove eligibility, and submitting the form. 

What to Expect After the Application

Once the USCIS gets your EB-1 visa petition, they will send a notice of receipt. Also, they will notify you about a biometrics appointment. In addition, you may have to appear at an interview. Should USCIS determine that you must be interviewed, you will be notified of your interview date and time. 

During the interview, you will be asked about your work in the U. S, your extraordinary ability, any arrangements you have made in the country, and your experience. Make sure you answer every question honestly and truthfully.

How the USCIS Looks at EB-1 Visa Applications

As an EB-1 visa applicant, you need to prove you meet the given criteria. You should evidence with your application. Officials at the USCIS look at applications using the adjudicator. This person looks at whether you have submitted evidence and whether this evidence has met the required criteria. If so, the adjudicator will consider the evidence you submitted to make a determination. 

If you are planning to apply for an EB-1 visa, an immigration lawyer can help you. Schedule a consultation with them as soon as possible, so they can assess the evidence you have gathered and answer your questions. 

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