How to select the convergence switch and access switch?

Switches can be divided into aggregation switches and access switches, but this is not the classification and attributes of switches. If you want to distinguish these two types of switches, you should mainly look at the forwarding ability of the network environment equipment and its position in the network structure.

Convergence switches mainly provide policy-based connections, while access switches mainly provide business-level applications. However, both of these switches can ensure the accurate access of users to the network.

Convergence switch, also known as distributed switch, is located at the upstream of the network access layer, which is equivalent to the middle-level management in the company. It is mainly used to provide aggregation and guidance for the access layer, thus reducing the workload of the switch equipment. The aggregation switch can mainly implement the security policy, the intervention of the maintenance security working group, the construction of the virtual LAN, and even the address filtering function. In this switch, the purpose of network isolation can be achieved.

Generally, access switches are mainly faced with user connection, which is equivalent to the grass-roots staff in the switch. Therefore, the cost of access switches is relatively low, and the port density is also relatively high. The switch in this mode can provide users with the ability to access the application system in the local network segment, solve the need for mutual access between adjacent users, and improve the access bandwidth capability. In addition, the access switch also has the function of user management.

The main difference between access switch and aggregation switch is in function. The convergence switch can make the convergence points of multiple access switches form a unified outlet, and can also improve the forwarding ability of the network. It can process all the data from the access layer equipment and transmit it to its core upstream at the same time. The access switch is mainly user-oriented and can connect user needs to the network.

The above is the main difference between the convergence switch and the access switch. Their application range is determined according to the business scenario. Not every network needs these two types of switches. Some enterprises only need access switches, but some enterprise network environments need two types of switches for configuration.