How to Season Your Cigar Cooler?

Whether you are looking to make a new humidor or simply season the one you have, there are several things you need to know before you begin. First, you need to clean the inside of your humidor to remove any dirt and debris. You should also check the hygrometer to make sure it is giving accurate readings. Next, you will want to place a dish with the appropriate amount of humidification liquid (propylene glycol) and then place the dish in the humidor. If you like to purchase a cigar cooler visit LumBuy. You can check here for cigar cooler humidors to their website.

Clean the inside of your humidor

Keeping the inside of your cigar cooler clean is important to prevent mold growth. Having mold and mildew in your humidor can ruin the taste of your cigars. You should clean your humidor once a month or every couple of months.

One of the most important steps in keeping your cigars fresh and clean is keeping them in resealable bags. The bags will keep them fresh and will prevent mold and mildew from getting inside.

You should also keep the humidor out of direct sunlight. This is important because sunlight can affect the acrylic coating.

To clean the inside of your cigar cooler, you should use distilled water. Distilled water is much better than plain tap water. Tap water contains a lot of chemicals that can ruin the taste of your cigars.

Add propylene glycol

Adding propylene glycol to season your cigar cooler is a great way to ensure you maintain the humidity level that is necessary to store your cigars. Keeping the humidity at this level prevents warping, clogging, and mold outbreaks. Propylene glycol is an odorless, non-toxic liquid that is commonly found in thousands of household products.

The first step to adding propylene glycol to season your cigar humidor is to clean the humidor. You should first wipe down the interior with distilled water. Wipe off any excess water with paper towels.

Once the humidor is clean, you need to fill the humidor with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and propylene glycol. This solution prevents bacteria and mold from growing and allows more moisture to be absorbed into the humidor.

Place the dish for humidification

Keeping your cigars fresh and moist is the best way to ensure a pleasant smoking experience. You can find a variety of ways to humidify your cigars. It’s important to find the best method for you.

A small dish of distilled water can be placed in the bottom of your cigar humidor. This can help speed up the humidification process in larger humidors. However, this method can cause the wood of your humidor to warp.

Another method is to use a damp paper towel. If you choose this method, make sure you replace the paper towel often to avoid mold buildup.

For a more dependable solution, you may want to invest in a digital hygrometer. These are highly accurate and can be purchased on Amazon for under $10.

Check if your hygrometer is giving accurate readings

Using a hygrometer is an easy way to determine the proper humidity for your cigars. Hygrometers measure the humidity in the air and show it as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more humid the air is. This is important because the humidity inside a humidor is very important for the preservation of your cigars.

Many humidors have built-in hygrometers. These hygrometers are usually calibrated before they leave the factory. However, there are some cases when the calibration is off. The following methods will help you test if your hygrometer is giving accurate readings.

Hygrometers can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use the hygrometer to measure the humidity inside your humidor, which will ensure that the wood inside will not dry out.

Avoid putting cigars in a new humidor before seasoning them

Putting cigars in a new humidor before seasoning them is a bad idea. Not only does this rob them of humidity, but it also damages their wrappers.

Seasoning your humidor will keep your cigars fresh and enhance their flavor. However, seasoning your humidor is not the only way to keep them fresh. It’s also important to store your cigars in a cool, dry place. The ideal humidity for storing cigars is between 64 and 72 percent.

There areseveral methods of seasoning your humidor, including using pre-moistened wipes, a kitchen sponge, or a shot glass full of water. Wiping down the interior of your humidor with a lint-free cloth is also a good way to maintain moisture levels.