How to rejuvenate your skin

I’m 20 years old, but my facial skin can’t go beyond this age, girls. Even if the problem of wrinkles comes with age, at present, I can tell you that you don’t have to depend on your age. Because wrinkles and facial skin problems can occur easily. From the environment and behavior that we may do and harm the skin without knowing. But today girls Don’t worry. We have some great tips. To say goodbye to the problem of premature aging, leave each other.

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How to say goodbye to old faces: Let the skin return to youth.

– Try not to stress.

Because when we are stressed, the level of the hormone cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, increases. and suppressing the production of growth hormone This makes our bodies unable to repair themselves fully. Our skin can wither. So girls have to try to relieve stress. smile a lot, smile often. Think positive.

– Apply nourishing cream

Because more than 90% of the skin problems that occur are mainly from the external environment, such as dust, smoke, sunlight, causing skin damage and wrinkles unknowingly. Therefore, finding a supplement by applying nourishing cream is another thing that we can do every day. to repair the skin And can solve the problem on the spot to suit each girl’s skin problems.

– Do not sleep on your side

Getting enough sleep is the basis of healthy skin. But sleeping in the wrong position, even if you sleep for 8 hours, may not make your skin healthy, but become wrinkled instead. Because lying on your side or lying on your stomach will cause your face to press against the pillow until wrinkles occur. But changing the sleeping position would be difficult. Therefore, we recommend that Use a satin pillowcase. It will help reduce the friction of our skin.

– Do not overdo exercise.

Exercise is known to help your skin. But not exercising too much and too hard may not produce the results we expected. because the exercise is too heavy it will cause muscle mass and water loss. The skin is easily wrinkled. And it also causes collagen and elastin to be destroyed as well.

– Avoid smoking and alcohol

We all know that both cigarettes and alcohol are not good for our overall health. Therefore, our skin condition does not need to be mentioned at all. was definitely destroyed. Because alcohol will drive water out of the body. And pulling out the vitamins from our skin makes the face look dull. In addition, the nicotine in cigarettes causes the blood vessels that nourish the skin to shrink and the skin receives less oxygen than usual.

– Avoid blue light

For the girls who play on the phone or stay in front of a computer screen for a long time I told you to avoid blue light. I can’t keep souvenirs from computer screens and phones. which Those lights send to our dull skin. Uneven skin tone makes you look older. Therefore, girls should not neglect to apply sunscreen here. Even if I have seen the sun at all because these lights are more dangerous than sunlight.

How are you girls with tips that we have to leave each other today? It’s an easy way to do it every day, and we highly encourage it. It will help prevent wrinkles in another way. including maintaining the youthfulness of the face

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