How to Make Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Making ice cream at home can be challenging. While it’s easier to run a frozen yogurt business because the overhead is lower, you should still do the right things to ensure success. Here are some tips for success:

Prepare the ingredients. You can use a food processor to combine the ingredients and process them until the texture is smooth and light. Alternatively, you can whisk the mixture by hand for several minutes. Once the mixture is ready, transfer it to a 9-inch glass baking dish. Freeze it for 45 minutes, stirring it every 30 minutes. Then, transfer the frozen yogurt to a smaller container, such as an ice cream cup, and serve immediately.

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The process for making a unique frozen yogurt may take several weeks or even months. In addition to the ingredients, the preparation method should be consistent across batches and brands. Besides ensuring that each container contains the same flavor, it should also be packaged in an airtight container.

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