How to keep rodents away from home?

Are there cockroaches hiding when the lights come on, ants creeping through the backs of kitchen cupboards, or rats entering the living room?  A homeowner’s first instinct would be to get rid of those unwanted visitors as soon as possible! Rats in particular are closely associated with humans, as they receive the necessities for survival from humans and their homes. Rats regularly nibble through electrical lines, ruin insulation, and urinate and defecate all over a building as they enter it in search of shelter. If rodent infestation gets out of hand, you might need to contact residential pest control College Station. To know more about how to keep rodents away from home, continue reading!

  • Filling up any holes or gaps

One of the best ways to control rodents is to seal these access openings. Rats can squeeze through fraction holes. Search your house for any openings that are that big or bigger. Use the necessary materials to seal them.

  • Never feed the rodents

Rats are cunning animals. You must be vigilant in dealing with them since they will find food on your property. Garbage cans should always be covered. Fruit and vegetables that fall to the ground should be picked up and composted. Feed outdoor animals during the day, and never leave food out to rot. Pet food should never be kept outside unless it is enclosed in rodent-proof jars. When seeking food, rodents will enter through any available openings, so limiting their access to food sources to maintain efficient rodent control is the best step!

  • Take their habitat away

Give these animals no place to live. Clear your property of trash including old automobiles, debris, and appliances. Rats like dense vegetation to be a perfect hiding place, so remove it.

  • Using traps

To catch rats within your home, there are several commercially available traps that are safe for children and pets, like enclosure traps.

  • Call the pest control service

When you notice signs of a rat infestation, the best thing to do is to contact experienced rat exterminators. It’s recommended to avoid taking a chance when dealing with rats because they are harmful. You will achieve far greater results with professional assistance than doing it yourself.


One of the most irritating pests in homes is rats. They damage your home, they carry infections, and they infect your food. So, hire the best residential pest control service right away!

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