How to Design the Kitchen of Your Dreams

You have a lot on your mind when it comes to designing your kitchen but it can quite difficult to actually plan and put them to paper. You need to have a strategy on everything- from the black single kitchen sink that you desired to have to the kind of tiles that you prefer on the kitchen floor. It is a good thing that you read more so that you can have a structured plan for the design of your kitchen.

How to Design Your Kitchen

Keep the related parts of the kitchen near each other

When planning your kitchen, the first step that you should do is think of what you are going to do inside the kitchen. You will prepare the ingredients, cut fruits and vegetables, wash dirty plates and utensils, cook food, bake some pastries, and decorate your finished cuisines. What should be near each other? You can place the plate and utensil holders near the part of the kitchen where you prepare food. The trash bins should also be accessible to you so that you can easily throw the waste away. If you love preparing coffee in the morning, the cups and mugs should be near the coffee machine. You must also have coffee containers that you can get from without putting much effort.

Provide a wide walk area

It can be quite frustrating to work in an area with narrow walkways. This is true even in kitchens. You want to have enough space to work your way around the kitchen. As a general rule, the path where you walk around should be at least 36 inches in width. It should be bigger, around 42 to 48 inches for one to two cooks who work in the kitchen simultaneously.

Have a big enough sink

Everyone loves to have a big sink. You should design your kitchen to have a sink that is big enough for the space that you have. A black single kitchen sink can be appropriate for narrow kitchens. But if you have a bigger space for your countertop, you may want to consider two-bowl sinks. You should also take note of the depth of the kitchen sink that you will buy. Have a professional measure the allowable depth that your countertop can have. And then get the standard size of sink so that it will be easier for you to replace it just in case you need to get another one in the future.

Make sure that the cabinets are fully functional

People may always consider aesthetics before functionality. Home designers may think of the appearance of the cabinets first without considering the functionality of all the cabinet spaces. When you design your kitchen, make sure that every cabinet can be opened, if they have doors, and is reachable to the ones who will use them. Doors should not bang with each other. Corners should also be planned well. You may place cabinets in the corner areas and place the items that you do not usually use on these levels of storage.


Having the kitchen that you have always wanted is something that many have dreamed of. It is all about the right planning and great execution. But once you have done the first part of designing a kitchen, you are guaranteed to have a better chance of executing your plans. Start deciding on the black single kitchen sink that you want or the backsplash that you have always thought of having. List all your plans and make a note of everything so that accomplishing all of them will be easier.




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