How Much Can You Expect From Your Car Accident Claim?

Car accidents leave you in pain, depression and financial crisis at the same time. While you need money to deal with your injuries, you will need to file a car accident claim as soon as possible. These claims are based on the time limits and if you cross those limits, you are likely to get no money at all. The first thing that you need to do after a car accident is to hire a good Salem car accident lawyer. Since he may have dealt with several similar cases, he can suggest to you how you can improve your chances of obtaining the right compensation.

Evaluating car accident claims

It may not be possible for anyone to comment on how much you will receive. However, a good car accident lawyer can assess the amount based on several factors. Some of these have been elaborated on below:

Involvement in the accident

If both parties were involved in the accident, the claim amount may be less than the amount if only another driver was at fault. For instance, if the accident occurred because another driver was drunk, you are likely to get more money.

Nature and extent of your injuries

Some injuries are more severe than others are and hence, the compensation will be able more. For instance, if a person has received head or spine injuries, the claim amount will be higher because the treatment will be longer than for minor injuries. Your medical reports will make a great difference in evaluating the claim amount. That’s why, you should have all these records with you at the time of filing the claim. The insurance company and the attorney of another party will review them carefully or may get them reviewed by their own teams of medical experts. 

Pain and suffering after the car accident 

The attorney will also include the physical pain and suffering you are undergoing due to the accident. In case, the injured person is suffering from depression, panic attacks and anxiety after an accident, he can include all of these key elements so that the person can be compensated for his suffering.

Other losses will also make a part of your claim amount. These losses include loss of earning capacity, entertainment, enjoyment, consortium and promotions. A good car accident lawyer should be hired so that you receive a fair amount to overcome your financial difficulties. You will have to fight for your rights.