How Do I Withdraw Funds From My WPT Global Player Account?

WPT Global has become a popular online poker platform in many different countries. Since launching in Spring 2022, the site has included multiple offers encouraging players to participate in cash games and tournaments. With motivating incentives like $1200 welcome bonuses and rewards for simple tasks like inviting friends to sign up and play, it’s no wonder that poker players from around the world are flocking to the site.

Knowledge of website useability is still growing as more players build accounts and learn about special offers. Naturally, users are curious about the fastest way to earn their way to bigger prizes and game opportunities and how deposits and withdrawals work. With the deposit system being instantaneous, users are curious if withdrawals are quick as well. In other words, users want to know how quickly they can receive earnings after depositing them into their accounts.

This article explains all you need to know about withdrawing funds from your WPT Global Player account. You’ll learn about the payment methods and the timeframe regarding when you can expect your money. For the run-down on withdrawing funds from your WPTglobal account, read on.

Making Account Deposits

Depositing funds into your WP global account is straightforward. Using the online cashier system, your money reaches your account in minutes. While WPT Global does not charge fees, associated parties that make these exchanges possible do, resulting in a fee of around 3% for WPTglobal players.

Withdrawing Funds From Your WPT global Account

Once your money is tucked away in your account, click “withdraw” in the cashier system. You’ll be prompted to select one of the available payment methods and enter how much money you want to withdraw. Then, you confirm your information and crypto address and click “withdraw” to proceed with your funds. Once these steps are completed, you can expect to receive your money in as little as one to five days.

There is also a withdrawal policy in place by WPT Global that players must be aware of. These terms include:

  • Making an initial deposit and bet before withdrawing. This applies to every deposit.
  • All payment errors are the responsibility of the player to prevent. It is suggested that the player be mindful when making cryptocurrency withdrawals, as inputting incorrect information can result in lost funds.
  • Your WPTglobal account profits may be reported if deemed suspicious.
  • You will receive your withdrawal payments within 72 hours of your request to withdraw funds.
  • If you withdraw more than $2,500, you will receive weekly payments of $2,500 until you are fully paid.
  • Your account will be marked as “Inactive” if it is not used in 13 months. You will be charged $10 per month after 13 months of inactivity.
  • You must use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals.

Follow The Account Withdraw Policy And Get Your Money In 72 Hours Or Less

The withdrawal process for WPTglobal player funds is straightforward. Review the policy to stay in the loop of what to expect and when to receive your money.

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