Guide to Football Odds and Betting Lines

Understanding the ins and outs of soccer betting odds is crucial for developing a betting strategy that takes them into account. Betting on soccer requires an understanding of the chances, and a little math can give you an idea of how those odds might change the outcome of your wager.

Although the familiarity with soccer odds would undoubtedly aid novice sports bettors, few make the effort to do so. Today’s piece will explain the ins and outs of soccer odds in a variety of betting systems.

Football betting odds for starters

Decimal odds are commonly used in European soccer betting, but they are far from universal on the web. Other types include the British odds (fractional) and the American odds (+/- or money line). Only the Singapore best online sports betting site can offer two or more kinds of these odds.

There are usually many different ways to place wagers on professional soccer games due to the large number of leagues running at the same time. You should expect these odds to change before the game in light of many factors that could have an impact on the outcome of the wager.

In American odds, a positive number indicates that the team is the underdog and is expected to lose, whereas a negative number indicates that the club is the favorite and is expected to win. Any given side’s odds of victory increase or decrease as the number increases or decreases, respectively.

There are multiple professional soccer leagues, and each team plays between 34 and 38 games per season. That adds up to more than 600 games per league per year. We’re here to assist you to take advantage of the abundant soccer betting chances out there.

Calculating football betting odds

An effective move is to figure out what a team’s chances are of winning a football game. Since American odds are somewhat unregulated despite being one of the more modern betting types, you’ll need to convert them to decimals to determine your chances of winning your soccer wager.

To obtain the decimal with positive odds, for instance, you should use the formula 1 + (odds/100). To put it another way, if the odds are +300, they should read as follows: 1 + (300/100) = 4.0. Betting with negative odds, on the other hand, instead of adding up negative odds, you can simply subtract them.

However, there are websites that can handle the conversions for you in a jiffy if you’re still having trouble. Simply fill in the required fields and hit the convert button for the website to handle the conversion for you.

Calculating Decimal Odds

Multiplying your decimal odds by your stake and then subtracting your stake will give you an estimate of your possible gains when employing decimal odds. If you bet $10 and the chances are 7.0, you would win $70. Your implied likelihood of winning is 1 divided by your decimal odds of 7.0, which you can find by doing the division.

Calculating Fractional Odds

If a team’s betting odds are displayed as 10/1 on the soccer odds board, for example, that means the club has a ten-to-one chance of winning the game. With these fractional odds, you can figure out what their chance of winning is. You can win as much on the left side of the fraction for as much as you bet on the right. To clarify, chances of 8 to 1 suggest that for every dollar bet, you will receive eight dollars in return.

Top football betting options

Many novice bettors rely on the moneyline bet because it is the simplest betting type to grasp, and not just for football. But a draw is a viable third outcome in football, as a tie is possible in that sport. It doesn’t make the bet any easier, but it does expand your betting possibilities.

Point spreads (sometimes called the “goal line” in football) entail betting on the outcome of a game by assigning a fictitious advantage to the underdog team, and totals wagers include guessing the combined number of goals scored by both teams.

Final words

With your newfound knowledge of football odds betting in hand, you can begin your search for the best online football betting site. There is a wide variety of football-themed incentives available only at Solarbet, the Singapore best online sports betting site, and you should take advantage of them. Join now to place wagers on matches from Europe’s top football leagues.

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