Funerals: A Special Day or a Serious Business?

The funeral is the final act of a person’s life, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate their life and honor their memory.

It’s a bittersweet time; you’re saying goodbye to someone you love, celebrating their life and remembering all the good things about them.

Funerals can be religious or non-religious but almost always have some form of a spiritual or religious element. Regardless of what religion you practice, funerals are about people coming together in the community to pay tribute to someone who has died.

Evolution of Funeral

The funeral ceremony has evolved over the years. In the early period, when a person died, they were buried in a grave covered with stone or a cross to mark the place where they lay. Some people would cover them with white cloth and let it flow on the river, while others burned them with firewood as if making a bonfire. 

Nowadays, cremation is one popular option for funeral ceremonies because it’s more convenient than a traditional burial. The process involves placing the ash of the deceased in a jar, which is then displayed on a columbarium wall or kept in an urn at home.

How to Make Funerals Special

While commemorating the deceased loved ones, the relative should also think of some ideas on how funerals could be more memorable for them and their guests.

Some people, before they die, give their relatives ideas on what they should do at their funeral. It could be anything from who should give the eulogy, what song should be played during the service, what kind of dress is appropriate etc.

Serve a Meal

When entertaining guests at a funeral, serving a meal is essential, it shows that the family values the presence of their guests.

When you serve them food, it’s an expression of your hospitality and generosity as hosts. It shows that you want them there—and it shows respect for their time and effort by providing food so they can enjoy themselves during the visit.

Play Their Favorite Song

It is said that music represents the soul. It binds friends and family together.

When someone has died, it’s important for those left behind to remember them as they were before their death. Playing their favorite song will help bring back some good memories from the past that you can share with others who are grieving as well.

Make Some Fireworks

Fireworks are a universal symbol of joy and celebration; they are an essential part of many cultures worldwide. Fireworks displays have been used to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. More families have recently chosen to use fireworks as part of their funeral ceremonies rather than traditional flowers or wreaths. 

Some companies create customized fireworks in which they mix the ashes of a loved one with fireworks to create a truly unforgettable memorial.

Release Some Butterflies and Balloons

At a funeral, it is customary to release white balloons and butterflies into the air. This represents the soul of the deceased. The butterfly represents life, while the white balloon represents purity and freedom. When you release a white balloon at a funeral, it symbolizes that the person has gone to heaven, where they can be free from pain and suffering.

Be Creative With Pictures

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Pictures are one of the best ways to keep someone’s memory alive. They allow us to look back and see what was important to them, and they help us feel like they’re still with us long after they’ve gone.

Displaying these photos will surely help everyone remember the deceased. You can find their old picture and make them more creative. Getting it personalized at Memorialize Art is one good way to preserve the photo. 

What a Funeral Should Be; Celebration or Commiseration?

Funerals are a time to mourn and honor the life of a loved one. They can be an extremely emotional experience, especially if you feel like you were close to the person who died.

Many people celebrate the deceased’s life, while others prefer a more somber tone. Some people may even want both elements incorporated into their funeral service.

When planning a funeral, the most important thing to keep in mind is how you would like your loved one to be remembered. Creating an uncomfortable environment for oneself or others during this challenging time is the last thing anyone wants to do.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will You Need to Pay For Your Own Funeral?

If you’re considering a life insurance policy, it’s essential to consider the long-term implications of your decision.

In addition to protecting your family in case of your untimely death, life insurance can provide them with financial security if you become too ill or disabled to work.

How Much Does It Cost to Hold a Funeral?

The cost of a funeral varies widely depending on the circumstances, but you can expect to pay between $7,000 and $12,000 if you are paying for the funeral alone. If there is insurance, then your costs will be lower.

When Is the Best Time to Hold a Funeral?

A funeral should take place between one and two weeks after their passing. However, it could take longer if the funeral director has limited availability or if there is an investigation into the cause of death. Depending on their religious beliefs, you may want your loved one buried as quickly as possible.

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