Five tips to increase the sales of your virtual store on Black Friday

Black Friday is celebrated on November 25, one of the most anticipated festivities for both buyers and businesses.

If you’re not ready yet, we help you prepare your venture to take advantage of this holiday and beat your sales record.

According to PrestaShop, a platform to create online stores, Black Friday represents between 20% and 25% of the average total annual sales of a small business or venture, and to achieve that percentage it is necessary to use a good strategy.

Remember that Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas season, it will open early purchases for this holiday, one more reason to take advantage of this opportunity and boost your business’s sales.

Get ready with these five tips to break sales with your virtual store.

1. Launch impressive offers and discounts

Just like you, there will be thousands of shops and virtual stores with attractive offers for all audiences, so you must find a way for your discounts or promotions to have an impact on the consumer.

You can start offering a 30% discount the days before Black Friday and when the day comes offer 50% to 70% of the original price of the product. Remember that the most important thing is to maintain product quality and good service, which will undoubtedly make a difference compared to your competition.

In the same way, it implements some sales techniques such as cross-selling or cross-selling that allow you to link complementary products to the original sale of a particular product.

For greater efficiency in the implementation of this marketing and sales strategy, it is recommended to create a section of “products that may interest you” that are linked to complementary products.

2. Organize contests and offer gifts to your customers

One way to keep your social networks active and generate a dynamic with your customers is to hold contests and raffles before Black Friday. This activity also provides you with the opportunity to expand the database and identify potential customers.

Another option is to offer gifts to your customers for making purchases in your virtual store. These rewards can range from gift vouchers for an upcoming purchase to an additional percentage discount for the second product.

3. Create a marketing campaign

This marketing campaign should be aimed at maximizing the reach of your social networks and customers through email marketing. It is important to keep in mind that to guarantee the success of this strategy you must have a verified database, if not then you still have to take advantage of this opportunity to generate new records and create them.

On the other hand, it is essential to plan your publications on social networks and keep a mailing schedule for the email marketing campaign. The newsletter or posters include the launch of a new product, offers, discounts and promotions.

An important point that you should not miss is to include in your publications or designs of your ads the calls to action that invite the consumer to take immediate action so as not to lose the opportunity that you offer, for example:

  • “On Black Friday enjoy a 50% discount on all our X products”
  • “Use this code and download ebook X for free”
  • “Save up to 70% on all products in our store”

Also, give life to your campaign by using some Black Friday animations and make yourself stand out in the multitude of online announcements and advertisements.

4. Invest in advertising

As we mentioned before, during Black Friday thousands of businesses will be making offers and discounts just like you so the competition will be fierce. That is why investing in digital advertising on the internet is an important factor.

It is recommended to have ads on social networks. With Facebook Ads you can advertise both on this social network and Instagram, in the same way, use Google Ads ads and you will have greater results in reach and sales.

5. Optimize your virtual store

Finally, it will be useless to implement the previous tips if your website fails to receive high traffic, because customers will be upset and probably will not make the purchase, so check the following points in the operation of your online store:

– Optimize the loading speed of your business website.

– Verify that the payment gateway is reliable and secure, as well as that it is easy to carry out transactions.

– Have visible the offers and discounts of that day, as well as the featured products.

– Optimize your website’s search browser to make it easier for consumers to find the product they are looking for and view what is no longer available in the store.

Remember that for a few years Black Friday offers have been extended until Cyber ​​Monday, so at the same time plan what offers you can maintain from Friday to Monday and it is likely that some discounts will be able to increase them to close the weekend with very good sales.

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