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Cresta, a startup that offers AI-powered customer support platforms that help customer service representatives give more relevant customer service experiences, has just raised $50M in series B funding led by Sequoia Capital. Its AI platform helps customer service representatives use real-time agents to personalize every customer interaction, and the company is valued at more than $1B.

Cresta raises $50 million in series B funding

The San Francisco-based artificial intelligence platform Cresta has raised $50 million in a series B funding round. This investment enables the company to expand its Expertise Engine and provide in-the-moment support to customer service agents. This latest round of funding was led by Sequoia Capital, and other notable investors include Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Allen & Company, and Porsche Ventures.

Using AI, Cresta turns contact center agents into experts with real-time suggested responses and coaching. The AI also helps agents increase customer stickiness and drives upsell opportunities. With its funding, the company plans to continue developing its platform and continue its growth. It already has an impressive client list that includes Porsche, Google, Dropbox, and Cox Communications.

Founded in 2010, Cresta has received $50 million in Series B funding from Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, and Porsche Ventures. In less than a year, Cresta’s valuation has quadrupled. Its AI technology helps retailers and call center agents improve customer satisfaction while boosting productivity.

Tiger Global invests in market-leading companies, and Cresta has positioned itself as one of the companies that fall into this category. The company offers a real-time customer experience improvement platform that delivers insights to management to set strategy and drive better outcomes. Its AI expertise and real-time offerings have made it a standout in the industry, and the company has already seen significant customer adoption.

In the last two years, Cresta has been recognized as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) by multiple industry organizations. The company has received the CX Award for Most Innovative Product and the Intelligent Applications Top 40 award. It also recently hired Ping Wu as Vice-President of Engineering and Product. The company has found that AI is a growing trend in contact centers. Its AI solutions have led to improved CSAT and reduced ramp time by 15 percent. In addition, agents are able to save 3-5 hours of repetitive tasks every week.

Company’s AI platform helps customer service reps make every conversation with customers matter

AI technology can improve customer service by predicting potential problems and reaching out to customers in real time. For example, AI can identify when a product delivery is delayed and contact the customer immediately with an alert. It can also detect when a consumer is losing interest in a brand and send reminders and informational content. Ultimately, AI can help improve the customer experience and increase profits.

Although AI is not meant to replace human customer service representatives, it can improve their job performance and reduce costs. It can streamline workflows and improve communication, allowing human customer service representatives to focus on the more complex interactions. It can also help support staff analyze data to give better insights and improve customer satisfaction.

Whether your company is a big company or a small startup, AI can transform the way your customers interact with your brand. AI can help your customer service team deliver outstanding experiences and inspire loyalty. Customer service is a crucial component of a customer’s experience, and it can make or break a business.

A conversational AI platform can be used to improve customer service and increase team productivity. With the help of a conversational bot, a company can increase customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty by optimizing the quality and volume of customer service conversations. Conversational AI can be customized to meet the needs of every business.

AI-powered customer support is a rapidly-evolving technology. Currently, chatbots are becoming an integral part of customer service and business. They can handle up to 70% of routine customer issues and provide personalized support 24/7. They also help companies analyze customer support performance and build knowledge bases.

The Company’s AI platform is able to help agents identify the root cause of a problem, and resolve it before it occurs. This AI platform has the ability to predict customer behavior patterns across multiple channels and automatically prioritize customer support cases based on urgency. The system can also detect keywords and classify interactions by language and sentiment. This helps your customer service agents provide the best possible assistance for every interaction.

Clients include Verizon, CarMax and Porsche

The technology company Cresta has started testing artificial intelligence software at CarMax, one of the nation’s largest used car retailers. In December, the company began using the software to streamline the way salespeople interact with customers. CarMax customers often have extensive questions about different models, their driving histories, financing plans, and major purchases.

Company’s valuation exceeds $1 billion

Privately held startup companies with valuations over $1 billion are called unicorns. These companies have achieved this status by generating massive growth and attracting massive amounts of funding. The latest unicorn to hit the market is Blockdaemon, a blockchain infrastructure developer. The company has recently raised $155 million in its Series B round. Its valuation now exceeds $1 billion, despite having raised less than $190 million. Investors behind the round include Goldman Sachs, Softbank Vision Fund 2 and Morgan Creek Digital.

In the past, a private company with a $1 billion valuation was rare, but with the global capital explosion, unicorns are now common. According to CB Insights, there will be three-and-a-half times more unicorns by 2021 than there were in 2016. While the U.S. will still have the most unicorns, the number of unicorns is likely to increase substantially in Asia and Europe.

Cresta is an artificial intelligence platform that listens to live conversations and provides agents with real-time suggestions. It can anticipate objections, provide guidelines for what to expect, and automate agents’ workflows. The AI-based platform also collects data on the performance of individual agents and the overall business to improve its predictive models and share the best practices with other agents.

This AI technology helps businesses become more efficient and valuable. Cresta is backed by Sequoia Capital and other leading investors. The company brings together some of the world’s top AI talent to create new AI solutions for enterprises. The company is making an impact on the world of customer service.