Cannabis and medicinal properties and benefits in the treatment of diseases

After June 9, 2022, marijuana and hemp will be retired from Category 5, allowing some parts of marijuana and hemp to be used for health, medical purposes, and cooking or beverages. This is an exciting issue without being classified as a drug, and many people would like to know the properties of cannabis. That is useful in medical practice, right? So let’s read.

Get to know marijuana as an economic crop.

Cannabis is a flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family that originated in Central Asia. But nowadays, it is grown in many countries, with English cannabis known as cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja, Hemp, etc.

Cannabis, scientifically known as Cannabis sativa L. subs indica, is a separate male and female plant. The main substance in cannabis is cannabidiol. (CBD shop) which has more than 100 and also contains tetrahydrocannabinol. (Tetrahydrocannabinol-THC) is abundant in the tops of cannabis inflorescences. It is an important substance that has been found to have medical benefits. It has a neuro-stimulating effect, so cannabis is a plant that should be used with caution.

The Kasikorn Research Center analyzes that the global cannabis market will likely grow continuously. Approximately 60% of cannabis is used for medicinal purposes, and now there are some global food and beverage companies interested in using cannabis extract as an ingredient in their products. In the future, the global cannabis market will grow and spread across more businesses. Meanwhile, Thailand is the first country in ASEAN to legally allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes and scientific research.

Unlocking marijuana free from drugs, is it legal?

Even after June 9, 2022, marijuana and hemp will be unlocked from the correct category five drug list, and as a result, all parts of marijuana and hemp are non-narcotic. However, except for extracts that contain THC content of more than 0.2% by weight, it is still considered a category five drug. Medical Health&Medical 2. Planted for economic and industrial benefits. Both in the cosmetic, herbal and food groups, and promoting innovative research Beauty/Product & Innovation 3. To give people a choice in taking care of their own health 4. Promote research and development of innovations for both plants and hemp products, hemp, CBD shop.

Protect the people. Hemp cannabis can be harmed by consumption and prevention of cannabis abuse Hemp

This means that from June 9, 2022, people can use cannabis for health benefits. Cooking achieved the above goals, but cannabis or hemp that is eaten or used must contain no more than 0.2% THC, a drug.

CBD shop, and hemp, came out to enforce. The government will set up a cannabis and hemp policy integration committee to oversee what can and can’t be done, such as issuing guidelines for the use of cannabis flowers that must be careful, controlling smoking and not causing annoyance to others. Or prohibiting drugs and driving, the sale of marijuana, hemp to children and pregnant women, etc.

In the case of importing cannabis in the part of cannabis seeds, hemp, and other parts of the plant such as inflorescences, leaves, branches, and stalks, they do not need to apply for permission to import according to the drug law. But must obtain permission to import accordingly.

However, extracts imported from abroad are classified as narcotics. Must be licensed under the law on narcotics.

Declare cannabis as a controlled herb

Because marijuana use has both benefits and harms that can affect certain groups, on June 16, 2022, the Ministry of Public Health issued a notification. Prescribing cannabis as a controlled herb The essential requirements are

– People under 20 years old, pregnant or lactating women are not allowed to possess, use, care for, store, move, or sell cannabis

– Cannabis smoking is not allowed in public places

– Cannabis sales are not allowed to people under the age of Over 20 years of pregnant or lactating women.

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