Barbie games: if you play one a day, you’ll end in 4 and a half years!

Watching your children grow up is one of the most fascinating processes in the world, because you can witness the transformation, literally & figuratively, from all points of view, of the person you love the most. You almost can’t believe that the baby with no hair & no teeth, just a pair of beautiful huge eyes and a bright smile, has now become a princess with long blonde hair & the most elegant little dresses. However, besides you, there is another silent witness of your girl’s growth: we’re talking about Barbie games! As you already know, this is one of the most appreciated fictional characters ever.

We still haven’t met a little girl who doesn’t like Barbie games, because they “speak” in their own language, teaching them how to dress, how to behave, and, in general, how to be prepared for adult life. Of course, since they are addressed to little girls only a few years old, they are meant to be fun, colored & optimistic, being some of the most inoffensive activities on the Internet nowadays. However, for your daughter to enjoy them to their fullest potential, you have to choose a website with a wide variety of offers.

For example, on the platform, you can find no more, no less than 1.665 Barbie games! They are split into different categories, depending on the type of action: wedding, fashion, jigsaw puzzles, shopping, coloring, TikTok, Insta, design, tattoo, makeover games, etc. As you can see, they are clearly aimed at girls, but this doesn’t mean that little boys can’t join them, especially since we live in a world that begins to put fewer and fewer labels & to grant more and more freedom to everyone, right from birth.

We did the math for you and we came to the conclusion that, if your daughter played one Barbie game a day, from the specified site, it would take four and a half years to try each one. Of course, this approach isn’t a very realistic one since everyone has their favorite game & they keep playing that one over and over again until they finish it or maybe even start it from the beginning. However, it’s interesting because this period is practically identical to the one in which little girls are attracted to such activities. For example, they will play with Barbie online from the age of 4-5 to the age of 9-10.

In conclusion, you won’t be the only one to watch your little girl’s progress in time: there will be Barbie games along the way too! Regardless of the type she likes best, she’ll find her favorites on the above-mentioned platform, where all the games are free & everything you need to play is a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with a stable Internet connection. Of course, we don’t need to mention the fact that you can join your daughter & her friends, learning how to play and helping them pass all the levels one by one. Have fun together!

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