An Ultimate Guide On Magento 2 Migration For Businesses 2023

The Magento 2 migration service provided by companies offering web-based Magento development solutions facilitates relocating their digital eCommerce stores to the latest version. So, anyone who may have their Shopify, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Magento 1 and such stores can migrate to the latest version built to make the process safe, quick, dependable and streamlined.

Hire expert is an excellent choice for creating seamless connections between your WooCommerce store and MYOB Exo if you want to create a codeless and customised integration. The integrator’s intuitive setup wizard allows you to build an integration, customise it, and expand it without any technical knowledge.

The integrator also includes out-of-the-box integration apps and pre-built templates for establishing integration for common use cases. You can visualise, map, and customise your business’s data flow based on your workflow and organisational goals by syncing data module by module and data field by a data field.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Impart the customer-focused features delivered in Magento 2 by migrating that makes checking-out quick and making purchases near instantaneous. Your customers can now experience improved performance and greater satisfaction when purchasing your product or service using your digital stores.

Enhance Smartphone Retail Sales

Today, smartphone-accessed retail sales account for over 39% of the total global orders, so deliver them better responsiveness. The better responsiveness delivered by Magento 2 integrated themes and supporting templates can boost your sales while reducing the exit ratio. Make the migration into the new today.

Appealing Design Aesthetics

Modern customers become impressed when pages and store elements appear minimalistic and have alluring eye-catching designs. Appease their delight and their eyes with the stunning welcome pages, item categorisation pages and cart pages after your advance forward with Magento 2.

Direct Purchase Decisions

The purchase journey critically demands pages to respond quickly, and Magento 2 delivers almost double and more. The migration can bring 40% quicker order processing speed hourly and grants virtually twice the loading speed of its predecessor. You cannot streamline the purchase process any quicker in 2022.

Whenever possible, Improvise

Your marketing strategies should deliver you a better investment return, which is managed by making decisions based on analytics. The Magento 2 migration benefits you in this regard by providing extensive reports about metrics like site behaviour, marketing campaigns, website performance, etc. You can tune them on the move and continue making informed decisions with persistent data.

Low Cost of Retention

Magento 2 includes robust marketing automation characteristics. Their Dotmailer automation integration can manage various digital campaigns for sending push notifications. So automate your email or SMS campaigns and decrease your customer retention expenditures with the migration to Magento 2.

Magento 2 Migration Process

Many companies are currently switching their online stores from MYOB woocommerce integration to Magento. Migrating to Magento 2 from Magento 1 or another platform necessitates a complete and consistent approach. This is not the case when a few clicks from the admin panel need to be increased. Consider the following critical stages of Magento migration services:

Project Discovery

First and foremost, you must recognise the need for migration. Which of your problems and tasks can the more capable e-commerce platform handle?

Migration Preparations

Set project goals, review your existing site, and determine the extent of changes required for your migration. Next, list the features you want to add to the platform. Finally, create a timeline and a step-by-step migration plan.

Theme Transition

Themes from Magento 1 cannot be forwarded to Magento 2. As a result, a qualified vendor can either replicate your previous Magento 2 theme or develop a customised theme that aligns with all of your goals.

Installing Extensions

Magento 1 extensions do not work with Magento 2. Professional assistance is required if you want to keep the attributes of Magento 1 extensions. Developers can choose appropriate Magento 2 extensions or create custom extensions.

Creating Customised Functionality

Depending on your business requirements, you can either keep the features of your previous platform or hire a developer to create customised functionality.

Data Migration 

Products, orders, customers, and other store data must be securely transferred to a Magento 2 structure. As a result, efficient tools will be required to migrate your database structure and ensure that it is perfectly compatible with the new platform structure.


After completing the migration, you should thoroughly test your Magento 2 website. Check that all of the data has been transferred correctly, that there are no bugs, and that you can place orders using all the payment processors configured.

Launch of a Website

Site deployment necessitates a few steps and some downtime, which you want to keep to a minimum. Magento migration experts, on the other hand, will complete the task quickly and smoothly.

What If You Do Not Advance to Magento 2?

Delaying the migration ahead to adopting Magento 2 can damage the credibility of your brand, effectively hurting its reputation. Every modern digital store is already moving to bring Magento 2 benefits into their online retail business. Still, if you decide to wait out, the following truths can become your reality:

  • You will no longer obtain any more security system patches and software updates.
  • The store’s overall performance will be affected.
  • Magento 1 has almost no developer support.
  • Your digital store may be held for breach of PCI compliances by your web retailer.
  • You’ll miss out on appealing themes.
  • It will become more challenging and costly to get maintenance and support.

Apart from Magento, the MYOB EXO integration with WooCommerce is also very fruitful of online retailers.

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