A tree care checklist for the fall season

The hot and humid temperature, along with the sunshine experienced in Southern Ontario, is a welcoming weather for those who want to enjoy summers to their best, but as soon as September passes, it is a sign that you need to shift your summer activities inside the house.

The change in the weather is further extended to your backyard barbecues and pool use. Despite the joy of the fall, residents of Toronto are not happy with this change in the calendar and are forced into it. They have to make preparations on their property for the coming ice and snow. And a part of the preparation includes ensuring to look after the health and safety of their trees during winter and helping them grow better in the spring. Also according to Chris Bowers pruning apple trees is very important in order to get big and tasty apples.

Yes, apart from taking care of themselves, their property, and assets, one thing homeowners cannot ignore during the fall season is taking care of their trees. While many homeowners may think that trees are sufficiently strong enough to bear the extreme cold of Toronto on their own, the truth is even the trees need proper care to enhance their odds of surviving throughout the harsh and extreme winters of the place.

So, when you are sooner or later going to face the situation, here is a proper checklist from professionals to help local homeowners take the best care of their trees during fall.


  • Remove all dead, weak, and diseased branches
  • Go for light pruning just to shape your trees


  • After the leaves have fallen, water the roots deeply
  • Follow this procedure occasionally till the ground has frozen


  • Use a slow-releasing fertilizer to fertilize the soil with essential nutrients
  • Include a fresh layer of mulch at least four to six inches deep around the tree’s base
  • Leave some space between the tree trunk and mulch


  • It is vital for young trees and shrubs
  • Tie or brace branches that are prone to damage by snow
  • Cover the trunks in burlap from the mud to the lowest branches
  • Cover the bushes with burlap to protect them from windburn


  • The fall season is an excellent time to plant new trees
  • Reducing the chances of stress gives enough time to construct root mass

While the tree-caring techniques can be done through DIY processes, if you are an amateur, you can seek protection for your tree by choosing a good tree care company. They will help you with the following:

  • Efficient tree pruning method
  • Selecting and applying the fertilizer appropriately
  • Recognizing and eliminating diseased and infected wood
  • Knowing when, how much, and how many times to water
  • How to use the burlap wrap
  • Knowing the type of trees that can be planted during the fall
  • Assessing the health of the trees and treating them accordingly

Accordingly, homeowners may find it beneficial to capitalize on the expertise, skills, and knowledge of a professional tree care company. If you’re looking for one, you can get in touch with us. We will inspect your backyard and suggest the best remedies to prepare your trees for fall.

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