7 Products That All Health and Fitness Companies Should Be Offering

Health, fitness, and general wellness is a great businesses to be in right now, as more and more people are becoming more serious about their health. Because of this, health and fitness companies should take advantage of this opportunity to increase sales. Whether you’re the owner of a gym or if your business sells protein powders, here are seven promotional items that you should also consider selling (or giving away with a purchase/membership).

#1: Armbands

An armband that holds a smartphone is a great promotional item to consider offering. More than 90% of smartphone users carry their phones with them at all times, and this is no different for those who love fitness. In fact, most smartphones can keep track of health vitals during exercise. Whether your target market tracks their vitals while walking the dog or going to the gym, this can be a great offering for them.

#2: Clothing

Promotional workout clothing is a no-brainer for many health and fitness companies. In fact, clothing in general makes great promotional items for any type of business. When your consumers love your business, they also love representing your business and telling everyone they know about it.

All health companies should consider investing in promotional T-shirts, hats, and other articles of clothing to give away or sell to their consumers. Fitness companies can benefit from offering promotional workout clothing in addition to T-shirts and hats.

#3: Duffel Bags

Like clothing, duffel bags are also a great item to offer your consumers, particularly if you’re the owner of a gym. Those who work out at your gym are going to need something to carry their gym equipment in, and a duffel bag that bears your company name and logo is perfect for that. What’s also great about this item is that it can be used outside of your gym. For example, when your consumers visit another gym (such as one in a hotel), the duffel bag will work as a great form of advertising.

#4: Fitness Equipment

When it comes to actual fitness equipment, it’s a good idea to ensure that your equipment bears your company name and logo. On the other hand, other companies that promote a healthy lifestyle should consider offering promotional fitness equipment.


Dumbbells are a very common piece of equipment used in gyms and at home. So whether you own a gym or not, consider promotional dumbbells of different weights and colors to promote your health and wellness company.

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands (or resistance bands) of all types are also popular pieces of fitness equipment. Having your name and logo placed on these will remind people of your company throughout their workout.

Jump Ropes

Quick-speed jump ropes are also pretty popular pieces of fitness equipment. Gym owners can have these available at the front desk or choose to sell them.

#5: Hot/Cold Packs

Consider recovery equipment as well. Hot/cold packs are great for soothing muscles after a vigorous workout. This is also a perfect promotional item for wellness companies to offer alongside their protein and recovery powders. Not only are you promoting your company, but you’re also promoting proper care after workouts.

#6: Water Bottles

Hydration is key before, during, and after a workout, and what better way to promote hydration (and your company) than with an aluminum water bottle bearing your logo? You can also offer them in a variety of colors to appeal to a wider audience. Water bottles make great promotional items in general since staying hydrated is just as important when you’re not active. So even those who simply walk around their neighborhood to exercise will be interested in this item.

#7: Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are also a staple in the health and fitness world, as they’re not just for doing yoga. Stretching, Pilates, and many other types of workouts can be done on yoga mats, so consider placing your company name and logo on a yoga mat. You can also offer different colors and designs to capture the interests of more consumers.

Offering these promotional items will make you stand out from your competitors while increasing brand awareness. Having your logo, company name, and even website or phone number will make your business stand out in the minds of your target audience. The simple exposure you get from offering promotional items increases your business, and selling these items (or giving them away with a certain type of purchase) will further increase your profits.