Is Twitter a Practical Client Support Contraption?

Is Twitter a practical client support contra-ption? Let’s take a look. What are its limitations and strengths? What can it accomplish for a client support team? Is Twitter an ideal place to provide customer service, or does it need to be taken a step further? Read on to discover the pros and cons of Twitter for customer service. Here are some tips for maximizing Twitter’s benefits.

Promptness is the key to Twitter customer service. Approximately 40% of consumers expect a response within one hour, and 79% expect a response in 24 hours. That’s why it’s so crucial for brands to monitor brand mentions and respond quickly. One example of an effective Twitter customer service strategy is Goodreads, which responded to a customer’s question at 7:53am ET.

As an additional benefit, Twitter can be a great platform for messaging about contraceptive supply chains and services. For instance, Kenyan MoH used Twitter to announce its antibiotic supply. The same could be done for FP supplies. Multiple service outlets are increasingly available. The Sayana(r) Press injectable, for instance, is available through multiple types of providers. Hormonal intrauterine systems can also be available through multiple service outlets, including pharmacies.

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